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You can buy cheap 3w led light from us. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. led light 3w car or 3w white light led contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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3w led light Customers Reviews

  • Great multi-purpose flashlight

    posted by liort

    Very convenient, using standard AAA batteries, the light is enough for a small room, the zoom function adds additional value. Aluminum body feels strong and robust. Could stand in a vertical position.
    Great backup light in case of power failure or when working in some dark poorly-lit areas.
    Really good value for money, can be used in various situations, compact size, lightweight. I will definitely buy a replacement if this one breaks.
  • Powerfull UVA lightsource for making blacklight or detectors

    posted by lasermanathome

    Althought the eye is about 1/2% as sensitive for this color as for the same amount of green light, the fluorescent effect using only one of these leds is remarkable and can be brought to spotlight with the proper secondairy optics , so you can build a powerfol coolant detector for the garage and other functions like markings made of fluorescent paint, human fluids etc.
    To make an array gives you a very powerfulle Blacklight, even stronger than 400 Watt high pressure mercury dichargebulbs with only 10 of these leds!!With perfect cooling 3 Watts are no problem , without cooling 0.3 Watts is about the limit.Used in completely dark circumstances they can irritat your eyes so better build them in a WF 501b and correct driver like I did my shelve.
    For blacklighteffects and for laboratory instruments , these leds are very convenient.Use a correct driver and use coolnig grease , mount them on a thick aluminum plate and , when used many, use a blower, the cooler they run the mure invisable blacklight you get, as almost any colorled, the wavelength depends on the temperature of the ledcristal.When they become hot, the wavelenght goes to 410 nM , whenn cool is stayes below 400nM what is much less visable.

    posted by pordefault

    Great color - small profile - Working nicely - with only three LEDs, the brightness is incredible that owns this article, highly recommended. On the other hand, the price is incredible. In Argentina, these lamps costing three hundred percent more
    I know that we are far.... but I wish like the freeshipping service improve their times.
    Buy this one if you need a small and disperced amount of light 3W. buy with confidence. You will not regret. I really recommend
  • It was unpleasantly surprised

    posted by Perchilo

    It was unpleasantly surprised with radiation capacity. In the same order got a similar lamp in capacity 1,3w and at first them mixed (on lamps there is no marking), this lamp shines in 2 times weaker. Time so it turned out, I am not so happy, I will choose 3w for the house. Light is similar and almost corresponds to a halogen lamp in capacity 20w. In my house of such lamps 44 therefore for me this economy is so important.
    It would be possible to make opaque glass that beams from light-emitting diodes dissipated on the big square, then the lamp looked better and stars are more effective.
    It is not ready to buy many these lamps, lamps in capacity 1,3w appeared better, I recommend for purchase them.
  • Nice bright lights

    posted by Nygma

    Very small and very bright lights. I bought 2 packs together with SKU 140015 for mounting. I have connected them in series and drive them SKU 157686 from the mains.
    I bought some U aluminium channels from the local DIY store (sold for picture frames). LEDs and fixed to the channel, wires running inside and all screwed into the ceiling outside. I applied glue from glue gun for waterproofing. See attached pictures. It is outside for weeks now in winter. Working just fine.
    perfect and cheap for any DIY work. Consider heatsink since these small LEDs produce considerable amount of heat.


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