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3w led headlamp

This is our best 3w led headlamp, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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3w led headlamp Customers Reviews

  • Simple powerful headlamp flashlight.

    posted by gd1galanet

    No focusing beam is focused at close range, which is good if you walk the walk. Cycling would not recommend. Pleases mount battery compartment (screw) Build quality is good.The small size and weight.
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    3w for 5 usd, what else to say?
  • It works.

    posted by korisnik

    It's lightweight and practical. Zoom works great, strap is long enough for a big head like mine.It's easy to shift between modes.
    It's cheap and functional light. To output is not strong so do not buy it if you want a strong light. I've bought it for night fishing in boat so light output for that kind of activity is sufficient.It's cheap!
  • not bad

    posted by spacemanspliff

    Cheap light with a fine light output. Nothing special but handy for a lot of things. Burns quite some hours on the batteries. The headstrap is akay as well,
    Make sure you don't loose the screw to open and close the light.
    Priceworthy, but don't xpect anything more than that
  • 3w cree LED Headlamp

    posted by eimantas

    - easy to adjust the head strap to comfortably fit your head size.
    -its bright.
    -has good packaging.
    -very useful in night time when you go mountain climbing or rope jumping.
    -useful in dark places like basements.
    -this light has a narrow spot better for identifyng objects at distance.
    -buy this thing if you have some hobies in nigt it will help you much.
    -and i like this thing (like ,like,like)
    -price is great too.
  • The product is cheap but good.

    posted by Tremosnak

    Low cost, high bright lamp.
    When I opened the shipment, I was worried that the spotlight will be destroyed. Fortunately, it is not even a scratch. After disassembly, I found that it is not waterproof. It can be removed easily a silicon sealant and sticking foil over the glass to achieve a better resistance to dust and water.The mounting system is pretty shaky, but for simple fixing. Spotlight has a voltage stabilizer is not necessary to use a current limiting resistor. It can be connected directly to the battery / alternator.The power supply voltage 12 V DC current was about 250 mA, which corresponds to 3W in the description.Light color is rather cool white 4000 - 5000 K. The luminous flux is concentrated in a relatively small point - at a distance of 5 meters is intensely illuminated area with a diameter of about 0.5 m.
    I am a satisfied customer.

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