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3w emitter Customers Reviews

  • Great LED!

    posted by supersonic

    This RGB is very bright and has a wonderful colour blend I used with a pic form Microchip to mix the colours and the effect is amazing!
    It is an excellent led to be used as an ambient light, you could use it to put under a flower vase and change the colour of the vase according to your mood... and maybe to the flowers!
    For that price it's unbeatable. More, you can save more money if you buy 3 or more!!!Get them!
  • A bright LED at a good price

    posted by groundhog

    A three watt LED at a good price. Mine are a very neutral white, very slightly cool. Just a guess 5800 degrees. Mine actually came mounted on a 16 mm disk. Pads seem to be tinned soldering was easier than most
    Just a little fining and this baby sat right down in a 1/2 inch copper plumbing end cap (if yours comes with the mini disk heat sink)
    If you are looking for a 3 watt LED that may or may not be mounted on a 16 mm heat sink with a fairly neutral color temperature at a good price, here it is
  • Good 12v LED warm light bar for projects

    posted by Wudan

    Easy to power with 12v sourceLight has a nice warm colourVery bright for sizeSolder pads (-/+) on each side allowing for variety of wiring configurationsPre-drilled holes in aluminium base for mounting or attaching heat sinks
    I run these through SKU: 168324 to easily control brightness.
    Decent LED light bar for project use.Price still a bit expensive considering other alternatives.
  • Recommendable

    posted by CasiGER

    Nice warm colour, with good brightness.This emitter seems to be very tough.Polarity-info: One pin comes expanded out of the case, there is a small blanked stripe on it. This is logical the -/GND pin ;-)
    I rebuilded a "working place light fixture" with this emitter and SKU 13552 (3W-driver). The achievement is great, im very satisfied. Measured: 3,7V/630mA ->and a very good light-output...perfect!
  • So very cold and bright

    posted by llasher

    Cold white light
    A good price for a 3 emitter cold white LED. The strip is a good form factor: attaches easily to an aluminium strip heatsink type deal that you can DIY (I bought some alum L shaped stock from the local hardware chain).
    They call these street lights. I call it street life, like in the song. I had to dremel a bit, I can't understand why the lens screw holes don't align with those on the aluminium base of the LEDs.

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