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3w emitter led

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3w emitter led Customers Reviews

  • Handy and easy to solder

    posted by PotentM1

    Even with my mediocre soldering skills and aging eyes I am able to successfully solder emitters to these boards. 3 pads are marked minus, 3 pads marked plus. A dab of thermal paste/grease on the underside of your LED is recommended.
    Sharpen the corners to make miniature Chinese throwing stars ;-) If you want to make bright refrigerator magnets, attach a steel washer to the aluminum base with thermal adhesive, and then attach small magnets to the washer.
    Buy it if you also buy bare emitters. You'll need them. I had originally envisioned using thermal paste to attach tiny nuts or washers to my LEDs as heat sinks, but these stars are so much easier! If you need even more heat sinking, attach the bottom aluminum surface of the star to another heat sinking surface.
  • Great Micro Led for the light output

    posted by chrisal

    - Extremely powerful LED- Easy to assemble - any one of the thre terminals from each site powers up the three led pads.- Very Small- Good color temperature! Not blueish... Reminds Mercury vapour HID lamps...
    - Generates quite heat, so USE ONLY with heat radiator. I am using a single passive with 4cm x 2cm and it reaches easily >60C degrees.- Use thermal compounds to improve heat transmission to radiator;
    It´s excelent led emitter for those who enjoy assemble your own led lightnings. Need technical skills otherwise will burn this unit.
  • Very bright, nice color, easy to drive

    posted by Faulenzer

    Very Bright. Hurts your eyes if you look closely. I cannot measure if it's actually 200 lumen, but it must be very close to it.Color is very nice. Appears to have the same tone of warm CFL's.Doesn't need special drivers. Just plug on any 12V power supply and you're good to go.
    I would like to know how hot it can operate without damaging itself.
    If you plan building a desklamp, this LED strip is an excellent choice.
  • Nice tint

    posted by debra

    Nice colour (warm white), reasonable output.
    Use a diode tester to check what is the plus or the minus lead. You need to glue the emitters to heatsink in order to prevent overheating. 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters500 characters 500 characters 500 characters 500 characters
    Good LED's with a nice warm white tint at a reasonable price. Has output almost equal to 10 watt halogen light bulbs.
  • Would get one again

    posted by thanar

    Bright as the sun, and of a really nice warm white color, no noticeable strange hues.
    This is my first emitter for a DIY project. More specifically, I had an Energizer lantern around that thought it would be better off with a LED lamp. Did not use any driver or additional electronic parts, the lantern is powered by 3x1.5V batteries, could be too much for the emitter if the batteries are new, time will tell.
    I would definitely get a new one if some new batteries toast this baby, since 4.5V is quite more than the rated 3.4V.

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