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3v laser modules

On this page, you can find a wide selection of 3v laser modules. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

3v laser modules Customers Reviews

  • zybke

    posted by zybke

    I bought this module is shining very brightly, brighter than 30mW.Value for money good enough.3V supply him well enough.
    Very easy to use, just press one button and it lights up already, it saves the batteries.A strong body, well, a little shovels should be combined.May be formed from the laser show.
    Definitely would recommend it to discerning buy a lot of interesting things can be made from it.I am satisfied with the delivery very quickly and sent by air mail delivered to your home.
  • Good quality

    posted by Dion5

    Excellent packages.Good quality green laser module.Extremely bright.
    Glue wires to pc board before it came loose as many have mentioned and mounted in a single AA battery holder. Extended wires to a 4x AA battery holder and used 4 x 1.2v rechargeable batters so not to exceed 5v.Burn holes in black plastic bag. Using at a large complex to chase off Egyptian gees by shining behind and not on then so thy thinking thy are been followed. This laser have to be used with care and respect.
    Used laser glasses.
  • 2~5mW 650nm Cross Laser Module (3V)

    posted by fabio1964

    This is the best line 5mW line laser I was able to find on this site (I ordered every red line laser on this site and tested them all). Line's bright and sharp. No distortion. Edges are clean.
    Other: If you're looking for a laser level and don't want to fork out $100+ for the kind sold at hardware stores - get this one. If you're an engineer assembling a line scanner, or a person that bought "David 3D" scan software, looking for the laser part - get this one.
  • 404nM laser module

    posted by lasermanathome

    Have ordered 3 of these lasers, the types I received were different in construction.Thad did not border me.The output was about the prommised value.The LD itselve of the 3 pieces seems the same.beamquality is , as usual with these type of lasers, not near TEM 00 but that was to be expected.
    The warning written under con respected, these lasers are very good and for research very usefull.The quality is althougt the 3 lasers are different, all 3 good.The inverter gives the higher voltage (the LD needs about 4-41/2 V) and the correct current but dont try to pull much more watts out of it, the inverter is propably not sufficient to deliver more than 250-300 mW.
    These lasers are not suitable for replacement the LD for a 455nM LD (1-1.7 Watt), the tresholdcurrent is already too low for running these extremely dangerous LD'sThe optics however are suitable for these LD'sBut when try to make these change , buy safetyglasses first.I myselve are pleased with this buy, but give a strong advise to not laserexperts, buy the green ones for the same price wearing suitable eye -protection.DO NOT make laserpoiters with these ones, the result will be disapoited and the danger will be underestimeted.
  • Great product for It's price

    posted by fouadatmeh

    It's price is very convenientThe laser comes Pre-Focused to an acceptable level (I don't know if it can get any better)Works off 2 AAA batteries
    - I pointed it to a wall from 32 cm away and measure the length of the laser to be 60cm end to end- The line Seemed to be straight enough to me (only verified with eye vision)
    I have bought this to test 3D scanning (which I haven't tried yet).. It's a generally good product regardless of the price. but for such a price, you can't go wrong.

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