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3v laser modules Customers Reviews

  • Can't burn, neat nonetheless

    posted by madscienti11

    Purple laser! Neat color!Great for drawing on glow in the dark stuff. Especially at night, this has a really neat effect.
    Neat to complete a color collection... I'm not sure what bodies this fits in but I have it taped to an 18650. Maybe I burnt it out a bit with 3.6V instead of 3.0V.
    Beam isn't visible unless it is pitch black or with fog.
  • Cheap, Bright, Works, Burns

    posted by messitom

    Small and fits into things well (host). This will burn when run on 3v (2 AA's) with the lenses removed. My wires were soldered on well. It IS focusable. Beam is visible in low light conditions and solid at night. I suspect (as others have stated) most of the power is IR light. Iam doubting this is truely 50mw but its plenty bright.
    button is easily bypassed by soldering a "jumper" along one of the sides 2 contacts
    Worth the money! You cant go wrong here if you are looking for a module to replace a pen style or for a custom project.
  • Very good and cheap

    posted by mickaaa

    He's focusable, have a great beam and he doesn't use much batteries.Maybe as good as the 200mW I bought few years ago.
    I was using a 200mW before this one and the two are not that different.And I read that for some people the lense (which is glued) wasn't centered but mine was perfectly placed.
    Great laser but I advise to make or buy a solid case for it.
  • Perfect for DIY projects. Cheap price and works as expected.

    posted by ForoLinternas

    The price is very cheap and the product works as expected. Is perfect for your DIY projects. You can use them to make a prototype and then go for a higher quality (and more expensive) larsers.
    Totally recommended if you have in mind to start a project with larsers and you need to build a prototype with the minimum cost.
    Very easy to use. Just a positive (red) and negative (black) wires. You only need 3V to get it working, so, you can use two simple AAA batteries, for instance.
  • Works great in pointer body

    posted by bigdumbdane

    Just arrived today, was able to put it into the http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.91 body within about 10 minutes. The wires that came attached appeared to be hot glued on, so they came off easily (didnt need to de-solder, just picked at them with fingernail).
    From what I have read, this was the only way I know of to legally get a >5mW laser in the US.
    Beam is visible during the day (overcast day, not in full sun). It's not super-visible, but it is there.
    Very bright - I still have a stock <5mW that I can run right next to it - hard to say, but I would say it is about 5-10 times brighter, with superb visible beam in a dark room.
    I doubt it is 200mW, but it is bright enough for entertainment. Can pop black balloons, smokes and burns through black electrical tape.
    Best option if you live in the States for a >5mW laser. Be careful!


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