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3v cell button

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3v cell button Customers Reviews

  • Cheep and working batteries

    posted by Staletic

    It is extremely cheep. Works as I expected so far. Perforation on package is very usefull if you like to use one battery and leave rest of package "intact".
    In my country I will have to pay 2,5 Eur for only one button battery so 5 peaces for approximately 1,3 Eur is more then cheep. Only negative thing I could say is that shipment takes much longer then usual.
    I really do not know how long batteries will last. I hope it will be as good enough as batteries I used so far.
  • Excellent 5-pack of batteries

    posted by thierrius

    - cheap, way cheaper than here in the Netherlands- well-packaged. No plastic coming off or other shortcomings in packaging. There's even a cut in the cardboard for easy retrieval of every battery. A perfect blister ;)- ribbed topside, I think this makes contact better (I'm no pro, though).
    Other thoughts? This product is ready for use, no need for extra thinking, just use it!
    When in the past I used to be sceptical about getting dependables like batteries from China, this 5-pack of batteries proves me wrong once more. A very good product!
  • Battery that lasts long

    posted by pdges

    The packing was as per the image shown in product page. The price per piece was fully justified considering the cost of the same available locally.
    Although I only wanted to buy one, I bought this as finding this battery locally was quite hard. But luckily/unluckily my car remote keys 12V battery got dead and I could not open my the car without the alarm going off. So I put 4 of these batteries in series and made a 12V battery to power the remote and open the car and later I bought the original 12V battery for the remote.
    battery life is good. I recommend to others
  • Great batteries for the price

    posted by doctorjre

    What can I say, most DX batteries are a great deal. A fraction of the cost buying it in the department store. You litterally get 10 for the price if 1/5 of one!!
    Even if the cells are 60% (I dont think they would be that bad) of the capacity of name brand packaged single cells), you are still totally ahead.
    Unless you got money to burn, but most of your batteries from DX as I have learned to do.
  • Fine working batteries

    posted by GJMSchutten

    Works fine for me to replace dead battery in my sports watch. Ease of replacing it is obviously not dependent on the battery.These batteries are fine, working well and especially cheap. If they run out, you still have four left..
    Obviously much cheaper than having a specialist replacing you watch battery. Also much cheaper than buying this type of battery at a specialist dealer. Can cost you double for just one (instead of five...).
    Use these, no worries.


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