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3m network cable

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3m network cable Customers Reviews

  • Sexy and cheap

    posted by Dachaz

    Price, looks, portability
    I got this one to connect PS3 to a router in order to benefit from higher download speeds than over wifi - and I gained just that. The design of the cable looks interesting and consumes way less space than other ethernet cables I have lying around - for a cable-tidy freak, that's a big plus.
    If you plan to use this one for connecting static devices, then you don't really need to worry about wear&tear, and it will work just fine. Also, the price is completely unbeatable, at least in Europe.
  • It works well. My server runs off of it.

    posted by discofreakboot

    It's definitely a great spare cable if you need one. It's also a good permanent cable if you need one.
    Build quality is great, and the no-snag boots on the ends feel solid.
    Solid connection to ethernet jacks.
    Gigabit ethernet will certainly work over short distances like the length of this cable, but I'd be skeptical about going flat for long runs.
    I've used flat cables like this before and they are absolutely perfect for going through doors or windows. It's not a bad idea to have a spare one of these around in case you have to run a cable in that fashion.
    If you want to run the cable through a door or window, I'd suggest getting this or a shorter one of these and putting ethernet couplers on each end, then completing the run with REAL ethernet cable. That, of course, depends on how long your run needs to be. This can stand on its own as an ethernet link but you definitely don't want to go flat for long distances.
  • seems to work!

    posted by MannyT

    really cheap. home depot has these suckers for about 10-15$ more than what i payed for. it seems to be of good quality. i noticed about a 10-20% increase in dowload speed. its even better if your using it to share a network with other PC's
    packaging was tough to open, had to use a serrated stake knife. im not complaining, i actually liked it. protected the contents well, and proves no tampering with the products inside. ive received other products from DX in saran wrap or zip lock bags.... i kinda wish every product was shipped this way, haha.
    great product. noticeable difference, CHEAP !!!... if your going to get one, i recommend getting a few, or longer than what you need. if its too long just zip tie what you dont need. its better to get it bigger in case you need it for later, and you cant complain about the price... COME ON home depot!!! you charge 5 times more than what DX does !!!.. REALLY ?!?!


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