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3m double sided

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3m double sided Customers Reviews

  • Best tape ever

    posted by logifin

    Maybe the best tape or should i say adhesive that i have used.Sticks nearly anything after some pressing.Can handle moisture,vibrations.Needs a LOT of force to get off. Especially with two metal surfaces.It is Genuine 3M product
    First it feels that it doesn't stick to anything or hold, but it needs some pressure and after that it takes about 20min to totally stick.I have put piece of fabric to plastic and you cant get it separated without ripping that fabric.This is 1 Cm wide. You can get narrower model that is 0,6 Cm wide
    Very good tape/adhesive for all kind of use.
  • Good tape

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    Has quality self-ahesive layer. Holds strong. Very strong. Optimal width of a tape for a big surfaces or heavy objects. Looks like geniue 3M tape. Excellent for use at home or for a car.
    Note that the adhesiveness is stronger when it's warm. The warmer - the stronger. Not recommended to apply if temperature is lower than 18 celsius.
    Not sure if it a genuie product, but looks very alike. Anyway it is a great choice. But a bit cheaper would be nicer ;)
  • This tape is the best!!

    posted by [email protected]

    This tape is the best!! This is quality really is made with premium material and delivers what it promises, with quality 3M fixed it perfectly different types of materials. Perfect for securing automotive emblems, moldings, rubbers, etc..
    The quality of this product is superior ribbons sold in Brazil. Here we sell a premium quality product. This tape is the best!!
    You need double-sided tape of excellent quality is very cheap? Buy this product!!

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