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3m black Customers Reviews

  • Good Quality and Price

    posted by BONGITO

    I bought this cable for direct connection to my Canon Ixus 240HS whit my TV. The price of the original cable for my camera reaches 30-40 USD. Although my TV supports HDMI version 1.3, this HDMI cable works perfectly with my device and the price is really surprising. Cable length is absolutely sufficient - Objectives 3 meters, and the build quality is good.
    Cable can be used for all compatible devices supporting direct HDMI connection, version 1.3 and version 1.4 - TV, Cameras, Games, and more
    cheap but quality product that works flawlessly
  • Exactly what it should be

    posted by aurbano

    Nice cable, one of the ends is at an angle which is nice for the amp.The cables work fine, I use them at home and they don't introduce too much noise.Obviously not suitable for a professional use, but they work just fine for practicing.
    I was always in need of cables when the one I had stopped working fine, so now I bought several of these.
    A nice cable, I bought 3 saving some extra cash and now I will have cables for some time.
  • Cheap! Cheap! Acceptable quality

    posted by pkcahier

    * 3 meters is a lot, most shops in EU will sell you by small pieces, which come a couple times more expensive than this
    * It's just the kind of thing that's super useful, especially when dealing with electrical stuff
    * It's very cheap as stated before
    I've used quite some of that for electrical projects, and it just works great. Good insulation, and very solid. However if you do smaller electrical stuff/electronics, you will want to get the smaller sizes, since these are quite big, smallest is 6mm, which goes 3mm after shrinkage, and only large gauge electrical wire will fit that.
    Highly recommended, just get a pack of those.
  • Great HDMI

    posted by egararg

    Its pretty cheap, good quality, works fine, like a good HDMI male to male must! 3 meters, perfect lenght to do what you want to do, fine colors, good plugs, a really good job, if you ask me!
    I think its a good cable, it got 3 metters, so you can expnd it pretty well, works just fine!
    I think its a pretty cool HDMI to HDMI male to male, its perfect for everything, my PS3, to plug the PC to the LED tv, or other stuff that needs an HDMI cable! You wont regret it!
  • You can work when the battery is charging

    posted by kacokaco

    Cable is 3m long, what should be enough for everyone. I can sit and work during the charging. The quality is similar to original approx. 1m long cable. All connectors fit well; the Samsung connector has small mark that helps to connect cable correctly.
    The cable has a bit smaller outer diameter (approximately 0.5 mm) than original cable. There is no another relevant difference. Unfortunately, I’m not able to compare wire gauge without disassembling the cable. But the parameters of this cable seem to be good, because the charging time is approximately the same and the communication through this cable works properly.
    I prefer this cable to original one, because it enables me to work and charge tablet battery simultaneously.


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