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3g charger Customers Reviews

  • Worth the bucks

    posted by jayhasgin

    1. For its low (cost, weight, dimensions)2. connects your 3g usb modem along with standard wifi and lan features3. Portable charger for your gadgets
    This is an awesome buy. But its chinchi stuff sucks.Once you get this product u should,1. Write down somewhere safe, its the router IP.2. Then connect it using the password pasted on the router. Its usually like 7judhs743f3. Then type this url - changes that freakin language. plus if it asks for password its (hame).4. Now you are done, write all this down. You might need these if you reset it someday.Coz fishing in chinchi lake is like jumping into fire. lol
    Worth the bucks.
  • Very Handy!

    posted by loriffic

    Super slim and easy to fit in a pocket. Has a standard USB port, so you can use with just about any device. The flashlight is a great extra feature. And with a batter of 5600mAh, the LED flashlight should last forever.
    Would be sweet if I can find a small iPhone plug adapter so I don't have to carry around my USB charging cord -- or even better, sweet if one was included with this power pack in the future!
    Very good value. High capacity and low price -- the perfect combination.
  • Working as expected. Great product.

    posted by waihung

    Supports many brands and model of 3G modems.Adequate battery life, around 3 to 4 hours.Tested with iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.Simple Web UI interface.Very reliable.So far tested up to 6 devices.Wireless N 150 speed.When set properly, a PC can connect through LAN and get the 3G Internet.Can track data usage, it will save the amount of data used and continue to count the next time you use it.
    Best bang for the buck. You wouldn't find such device at a lower price.
    Great product.
  • Very good router

    posted by joaojoca

    I just plugged my 3G dongle and it worked right away. Very easy to setup and good signal on the wifi. It comes configured to work as a wifi router for the USB and RJ45 ports. That can be changed, for instance you can configure it to supply access to an external USB disk.
    It comes configured to auto setup for the 3G network. After it recognizes your 3G network you can fix the setup so next time it connects faster.
    Very good router.- It works as expected;- It is very easy to configure;- Did not find any bugs in the admin interface;- Very flexible;
  • nice little device

    posted by jjrask

    where easy to carry on - easy to use - looks nice - can be used with normal AA size batteries OR rechargeble.Indicator light to see the batteri status os a good thing
    do I really need the included light ?a direct connection to the IPOD/ Iphone would make the product perfect
    nice backup power for a low price. The best device for backup power for the IPOD / Iphone that I have seen on the market so far - to an affordable price.

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