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3ds protective case Customers Reviews

  • Good!

    posted by Ariaofmarina

    Came in a box and plastic foil which protected the top and bottom cases. The quality of it was better than what I expected. Fitted the 3DS LL/XL nicely, not too tight or too big for it, so it is unlikely for the 3DS XL/LL to be scratched by the casing.
    I know there is at least one other place selling plastic covers like this online for cheaper, but their quality is really doubtful and may damage your casing (some say that it is too tight or big for their 3DS XL/LL). I can say that for the little extra you pay at DX, the crystal case is of really decent quality.
    I recommend this cover if you want one with a decent build quality.Also, there are other kinds on DX and also some which comes with screen protectors or stylus in a set (good bargain price if you also need those). Look around.
  • Beautiful and fits perfectly!

    posted by Sowee

    It's nicely made. Fits surprisingly well the 3DS. The material is soft, so it makes holding the videogame a little bit better.
    I was incredibly worried about the scratches that started to appear on my 3DS lid. Since it was always on my bag, it made no sense. This case protects the whole 3DS and attaches nicely, so it wont slip. There are no scratches on the case!
    If you carry your 3DS loose in your bag, you should consider buying this. As it doesn't add volume and protects your videogame.
  • Good case for a great price.

    posted by LdSe

    - The case has the proper size that corresponds to the Nintendo 3DS XL. - The materials are fine, however one can notice some areas that are really thin, for example, at the top of the bottom screen, or the ones that connect the unibody case.
    I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap case for a Nintendo 3DS XL.
    Great buy!
  • Not the best but does what it's supposed to do

    posted by regortaz

    - Cheap yet effective way to protect your console.- The product is very soft to handle so it won't bother your hands.- Probably the only way to keep your buttons clean.
    It's probably the best item that you'll get for this price, it's cheap and effective way to keep your console clean of fingerprints, skin oil etc. You better use this to keep your console clean if you tend to eat snacks while you're playing it.
    It's cheap, it does what it does, but don't expect a top notch quality. It'll keep your 3DS clean.
  • Nice, but heavy

    posted by gutterball

    Envelops most of the 3DS, protecting it.Nice colour.Good fit.All ports are still accessible.Can't really beat the price.Helps those with bigger hands, reduces fatigue from holding the tiny 3DS.
    All my handhelds have cases. This one seems to work good.
    Wouldn't get this for the younger kids as it adds bulk and weight to the 3DS.

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