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3ds aluminum case

You can buy cheap 3ds aluminum case from us. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. aluminum case i9100, aluminum case i9300 may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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3ds aluminum case Customers Reviews

  • Good protection for my 3DS

    posted by TimaTigur

    Very cheap, solid, perfectly fit, all holes at the same places as 3DS, don't bother my hands , when i'm playing, cool silver color. It is very hard to mark it.
    Useful thing, but only for owners of 3DS.
    Solid, cheap, perfect fit, good color, hard to mark. Now i can take my 3DS anywhere without fear of mark it, or sharp it.
  • Nice looking case

    posted by teks9

    -Easy to install-Color fits well with the blue 3DS-Gives a sleek "metal" look to the 3DS-Overall solid build quality
    Since the case is a bit heavy, I hope it will not stress the 3DS hinges too much. And it looks like all the corners of the 3DS are not covered (arounf L and R triggers) so avoid dropping the console.
    Solid and good looking case for the 3DS.
  • Great product, so pretty!

    posted by paulovgha

    It's very pretty, has a solid paint job, it's easy to put on and take off. It seems like a reliable and resistant product. The purple does really add a charm to the system, which sadly in the American continent only comes either in blue or red.
    I'm so happy that I am also considering buying it in different colors. Also, for the lack of a variety of 3DS XL compatible products out there, this one is a great choice.
    I just love it. Really recommend it.
  • Simple to put, good protection

    posted by Chitarrista

    I've bought it to protect my blue 3DS XL and I must say this product is really good: it's real aluminium, so the protection is rather good. It's not so heavy, so you're not going to carry an elephant with you :)
    I don't know by now, but it seems this product is not going to scratch really fast: quality seems high enough, but even if it will happen, it will be ok. This product serves as a protection for the portable console, so better scratch it than the console
    Lightweight, blue, not scratchy, sturdy, cheap. Just buy it
  • All around case for 3DS!

    posted by Miintendo

    Very good caseAWESOME COLOURSturdyCold to the touchVery thinLess than $5All switches and sliders are accessible
    This is a very beautiful red color! It does not look like the one in the picture its more like a valentine heart red.
    This is is just under $5 dollars and is really really nice! It protects your 3DS while adding some personality too!!


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