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3d printer Customers Reviews

  • Seems OK

    posted by selmo

    Quality components. Color coded servo headers. Decent traces layout and thickness on power traces. Good price. 35V rated solid caps. 55N06L MOSFETs.
    The color coded servo headers are great, although it makes me wish they extended the gnd / VCC / 12V coloration through all the headers. The use of 35V solid caps is good if you want to drive your steppers or heated bed at 24V. Soldering job is inconsistent and sometimes gloppy, with some stray solder blobs here and there. Nothing more than some minor clean up and a few joints needing a quick reflow or extra solder. A couple crooked smt parts, but nothing was loose or falling off.Board still had some flux residue and could have used another rinse. However, I have not found anything that directly affects it's immediate functionality -- just concerns about long term reliability. There's a QC PASSED sticker on it, but it does not really reassure me. ;)
    Check the soldering before use, but otherwise a decent value with good components.
  • Works perfect. Recommended

    posted by santiagoparre

    Great quality. Printed warning signs on top. In-use led included with resistor (I do not use it). Woks great. I powered it with 12V power supply and holds steady at 40ºC.
    I use it with a glass on top (strongly recommended) so the surface does not get damaged. Else you have a truly flat surface as stated on items description. It has 3 or 4 drilled mountig holes option.
    Its a really nice heated bed. Works great on my 3d printer. Before I bought it it was really difficult to keep filament on the first layers, but now it works fine.
  • Perfect replacement

    posted by imshaman

    - Fits perfectly. - Has Teflon tube inside.
    I bought this pipe as replacement for the same pipe but without Teflon tube inside and with a little bit smaller inner diameter.It fits perfectly and doing the job better than the original without tube inside.Due to additional intermediate tube it has a better heat separation on the border of steel and Teflon. Thus filament is not melting any more due to heat creep.
    I can recommend it as a perfect replacement.Ruslan
  • The best options for reprap printers

    posted by Juliobarg

    The best current priceHigh qualityVery good assembled partscompatible whit arduino 2560
    the product is one of the latest versions RAMPS model for 3D printers, is very well built and operates under the specifications mentioned by the seller. together with an Arduino board support is the best price you can get.
    I can recommend this product without hesitation because this at a great price and the operation was done in no timegood job guys! i'm sure that i'll back to you!
  • good quality

    posted by vish113

    nice quality for the price. is 1.75 mm as mentioned on the website..... all ABS plastic and proper filament good to use with custom or reprap printer with 1.75mm feed...........
    if u are planning to get a 3d printer and get a decent amount of filaments for cheaper price get this. ...........
    i recommend this product for any 3d printing enthusiast and self builder...............

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