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3d printer Customers Reviews

  • Electronic parts for a 3d printer

    posted by Neeeeeeeeeel

    The package includes all the necesary things to control the engines and make your 3d printer works.The quality of all the products included is good and works well.The price is a LOT lower than buying all this things in my country.The hot bed is the same that you can buy anywhere and has an excellent quality.
    This is essential for a 3D printer and you can use it in any model.It's cheaper to buy all the things together.
    I recommend this product.
  • Great project!

    posted by Luizrick

    It's a complete kit. Except by one threaded rod that come too short, I didn't need to buy nothing. This is great for your first project.
    If you can pay, don't think twice, but if you know someone that alredy has a 3d printer and can print the pieces and help you, buy the other parts, gonna be cheaper.
    Great, I recommend, a homemade 3d printer it's almost so perfect as a professional(aroud 3K, 5K) and it helps a lot with another projects.
  • good

    posted by GabrielMini

    is a good product, but is a bit small, which makes it better for heat dissipation to the filament. diameter of 0.3 mm output is good but if you want better print resolution should look for a 0.1 mm, remembering that will take longer to print.
    Because I already had the filament 3mm, had to buy this nozzle. but if you have not bought the filament, I recommend you buy the filament and nozzle with inlet 1.75 mm, because the time required to melt the filament. The larger the diameter of the filament, the more time consuming to melt it, even a few seconds.
    Recommend to insulate with kapton tape or Teflon tape, used to seal commonly water pipes and taps. Perhaps the appearance not be good, but it will help you a lot against heat loss from the nozzle.
  • Good quality, good presentation and right price

    posted by fedesh03

    This device is perfect for developing a RepRap 3d Printer. It brings all the needed stuff to make it work: Stepper drivers, end-stop switches for all axis, additional servo connectors for miscellaneous uses, I2C, connections for heaters, etc. It also includes heatsink and thermal conductive pads. Everything in a single Arduino compatible shield.
    Since I bought it to make a CNC router, not a 3D printer, it has some features that I don't need, like the heaters connections and respective mosfets.
    The whole product quality is very good, I haven't tested it all, since I need only a portion of it. But I'm very satisfied with the kit.
  • Very useful heated bed for 3D plastic extruder printer

    posted by Cocol12

    The heated bed works very well, its power is amazing and it heats up in less than 40 seconds. It has a indicator LED that shows when the heater is on for awareness. All of the circuits of the bed are independent; one for the heating bed, one for the temperature sensing circuit power, and one for the temperature sensor signal.
    If you order this heated bed pay attention and also look forward ordering the connector used. It is a 6 pin 1mm Molex female connector.
    Grat product for 3D prining enthusiasts who look for DIY


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