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3d lens Customers Reviews

  • Add some coolness to 3D glasses

    posted by marcelxl

    + Price is so low, almost cant get any lower!+ Looks cool (waaaaay cooler then those disposable 3D glasses made of cardboard)+ Robust buildEasy to use, just put them on. They are like This is so much better looking
    Blue and red is the 3d method most commonly used, works the same as red/green. For this low price and the fact that they are just like normal sunglasses, I have nothing to complain. Thanks deal exreme for another nice product!
    I ordered these glasses just to look at the 3D version of Google Streetview. But they are so much fun, I ended up browsing youtube for more 3D videos. I ordered another one for my kid, he wants to wear them all day :)
  • Love this, great boat glasses

    posted by rcallison

    These are great sports type glasses. They look like the more expensive ones you see on lots of people these days but they are very inexpensive. I love to keep several pairs of these on the boat because you always need sun protection, they keep the wind out of your eyes and if you lose one overboard no harm/no foul, just get another pair..
    I haven't broken one yet and I can be hard on glasses. They come with a nice zippered case and cleaning cloth.
    Buy them and get more than one. I've got several spares laying around in different areas like the car, the boat and in the house.
  • Very nice glasses

    posted by Splodgie

    Needed a pair of 3D Glasses for a film a friend gave me to look at, so sent for a pair of these after looking at all types on DX( only $2.41 at the time and now $1.74, gets better all the time). Watched the film, 3D was perfect no bleading or ghosting at all, and very comfy to wear, Mrs and a Neighbor said the same about them being comfy to wear over what they had used before, Gave my friend the film back and the glasses as a thank you, and as a avid 3D film watcher he raved about the glasses as the best he had ever used and asked me to get him to two more pair's.
    Have not tried any other 3D glasses on DX and have no reason to as these were spot on first time, just liked the look of these and got it right first time. Build quality is good and they seem as if they will last.Hope they work for you if you buy, (Sent for two more pairs).
    Worth the money they cost, 10/10.
  • Great Contrast - Careful with the Lens

    posted by rpassarelli

    The frame is well maded. And the contrast in blue and red colors gives a good quality to 3d images.Remember that it will only works in blue and red images, so cyan and green will not do the trick.They work great for pictures, movies and even games. The price is the best.
    Good product, but if you want to use for a while, buy at least 3 and keep them well stored.
    A good product for a good price.
  • Cool

    posted by RitaFC

    These glasses are very cool, and they seem very resistant. The polarized filter seems to work fine, but I didn't use them too. As the other guy did, I removed the polarized filters and moded mine to become another glass (green/red lenses).
    Very Stylish
    I use the frames when I'm recording any funny video, or when I want to watch a red/green 3D movie, with my moded lenses

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