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3d hdmi cable

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You can easily find the latest low priced 3d hdmi cable offered at our online shop. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Of course, you can find them from cable usb hdmi, 5m hdmi cable. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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3d hdmi cable Customers Reviews

  • Connect Pc to TV

    posted by pocheblaz

    Very easy to use. Just connect one end to the computer and the other to the TV and enjoy Pc at TV.
    No other thoughts.
    I wanted to connect my Pc to TV, in order to be able to see films and videos on my TV, which is 32'', so I could see the films and videos much better. I decided to buy the '1080P 3D HDMI V1.4 Male to Male Connection Cable' because of the length of the cable (3m) and the price was not expensive (less than 10$). The Ease of use is fantastic. Just conect both ends and that is, you can now view your Desktop on your TV. Recommended for connect PC and TV (if compatible of course)
  • Excellent Gaming/movie partner

    posted by SirJko

    It has an excellent transmission quality, so, your games and movies will be shown with the highest quality and you will take advantage of all its features.Its length is perfect, you can cross it all over your room without any problems. Besides this, its flat design will help to get it through all those little/flat spaces where other cables can go.It allows you a better hobbling, so, you won't need to take extra care while handling it.
    Its prices is perfect compared with other cables in the market. A difference of more than 10 dlls is the perfect hook to but this pretty item.
    If you are looking for a hdmi cable for your games or movies, this is the perfect choice to fulfill all your needs. Do not hesitate to buy this incredible cable.
  • Rotatable HDMI - A perfect companion

    posted by krishi007

    180deg flexbile tilting angleSaves lot of space and very good for small room in any connection areaFine quality and finishing on the metal areasPerfect data tranmission qualityExcellent price and quality ratioExcellent package for shippingHassle free communication and fast shipping time
    I am using it with a DVI-HDMI adaptor to connect laptop to external monitor. My monitor has a back cover to cover the connecting ports and this is exactly causing the problem ( in the vertical direction) while using with dvi-HDMI adaptor. This cable solved my problem.
    This is the perfect HDMI cable to save space while using rotatable heads. It does what it says and the delivered product is exactly same as represented in the picture.
  • Works really good

    posted by tvel

    Cable does what it says. 720p output on my tv, video plays nicely. Be sure that the app you are using as aware of the hdmi cable. Otherwise you are on the phone's display resolution.
    There are some strange problems with wifi and MHL cables on samsung galaxy s2. The solution usually is to get a more powerful power supply and change the wifi channel to 1
    Good product. I recommend buying it.
  • Very good

    posted by eduparise

    Well-built, good quality, sturdy, very good length, well priced.
    It's very hard to find a good-quality, long HDMI cable for this price. It never failed on me even if you twist the cable around, signal quality is very good. Very useful when you need to plug your laptop PC on the TV while sitting on the couch, far from the TV set. And also if you need to move your devices around. Since it's 5-meters long, it gives you a very good range. Also, my cats like to chew on my cables, and they did try their luck on this one, but it resisted incredibly well, it's a tough cable!
    Well worth it if you need a slightly longer HDMI than the average 1-3m cables.

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