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3d glasses Customers Reviews

  • Very good product to expand number of viewers or replace original tvglasses

    posted by ampena

    -Good Quality-Cheap-Good replace part to original Panasonic 3D Polarized (passive) glasses-Strong
    -Its Ok, Its a good product.-Passive 3D Glasses-Circular Polirization
    This product is fine, can replace for example an original Panasonic TV 3D Glasses (in my case an Viera Smart TV ET5) or expand number of 3D viewers, Cheap and Strong.
  • Cheap and Good!

    posted by lonewolf006

    Great price (even though it may fluctuate, I think it is still very cheap compared to other places), and you get two pairs for such a great price! The 3d works great, I tried it out on 3d Youtube videos and my boyfriend uses them for 3d gaming on his computer. They are disposable but they are quite sturdy, so you can keep using them for a long time. I think the description just means you can dispose of them if you want to (but why you'd want to, I have no idea).
    The plain star design ones are great and generic. The other lot I got were Harry Potter design and they are kind of ugly, lol.
    If you need some cheap and handy 3d glasses look no further. I added these to my order to bump it up to a round number and I couldn't be happier with my small purchase. Heck, you should get some even if you don't need them, you never know when they'll come in handy!
  • Big A+ 3d glasses

    posted by Colpi

    It does what it says, make your picture 3d. It works very well with my samsung 3d. Just hold the button until it says 3d glasses connected. And bwam you got 3d. You don't have to reconnect to the tv every time you use it. You can just press the button once and its already working with the tv (the tv doesn't say it anymore that it is connected) The battery lifetime is huuuuuuuge, i have watched like 4 or 5 movies with it and still not empty. I like the blue led button on the top. Instruction manual is included in english. Also you get a pouch, cleaning cloth and usb cable. The quality is very good, not only in the glasses, but also in the pouch.
    i think my tv works with the glasses trough bluetooth, but not sure. But doesn't matter where i sit the signal stays good.
    Very good 3d glasses. Where i live it is atleast double for one paar of glasses, and they are much uglier then these.
  • nice

    posted by sabotajj

    easy to use. saves you a lot affort from making cross eyes. its better than any 3d technologies. no color problems, or ghosting images like in new tvs.or head aches. it has also Cyan and red anaglyphe glasses also.
    sterescobing is very old technology but its the best. you can find good sources of old pictures taken in that technology.its very nice.
    if you like stereoscope, i advice to buy
  • Far better than the ones provided by Optoma

    posted by bezelt

    Big lensesrechargablelasts long on one charge
    Apart from the larger lens (which is a huge plus), compared to the ones I got from optoma, I really cant tell any difference in picture quality.Sweet that is uses a standard USB charger as I've got plenty of those laying around
    Better than expected, bought two of them and will order a few more (since we're six in the family)...


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