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You will be surprised our best 3d glasses red with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. You can also browse anaglyphic 3d glasses and glasses 3d projector. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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3d glasses red Customers Reviews

  • Worth the price

    posted by OffspringBR

    - It is very very cheap compared to my country's prices- It works as it is supposed to be- It fits really good in any size and shape of head- Very good if you use glasses, fits good- Came with NVidia logo, nice for 'fans'- Works great with NVidia graphic cards- Works great with 3D Videos and games
    - The relation price and quality is really good, it worth to buy this ones to watch some movies or just to play some games
    - I think really anoying the shadows, but I guess it is because the color quality of some videos and games, or maybe the cyan/red color is not right
  • Good Quality

    posted by AlexandreO

    All on that are just pros...no cons...
    Actually, I believe it is really cool, but you will not use that as much as you thought. I bought 2 pieces to watch a movie with my girl and then I realize that is not so common to have this kind of movies nowadays...the 3D movies are a different style now...
    They are great, but I don't believe that you gonna use that for a long time because we don't have so many movies on this kind of 3D as you think. It is not a substitute of the glasses from the Movie Theatre.
  • I remembers me to the 80's 90's

    posted by nicodeangelis

    Its super cheap and you can search in internet forAnaglyph images and videos and enjoy a super cheap 3d experience.
    Its 1,7 dollars, really is not a big number to buy one and test this. I used to have magazines with these Anaglyph images when i was a kid, now with internet you can see even Avatar in 3d.
    Only some videos and pictures reach to the 3d effect it depends if you keep the original aspect ratio of the image/video.
  • ok, but don't expect this to become your day to day 3d glasses

    posted by kzeon

    Great item for the price, works great. It's made of plastic but the quality is good.
    Usage is limited, but for the price, you can't ask for more!But don't expect this to become your item of choice for 3D. It's fun, impresses kids, but ends there.
    It's a very decent for the price, but besides being a "fun" device, it's usage is fairly limited.
  • Nice anaglyphic glasses

    posted by Kriel

    Worked well with my 3d movies. The colours seemed to be accurate enough for viewing.Did fit over glasses and was still watchable.
    Were made for some german movie and include ads for it.
    Nice pair of Magenta/Green 3d glasses, althought bit pricey compared to quality, but still the cheapest one here. They worked for me though.

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