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3d carbon sticker

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  • cheap sticker with good quality

    posted by krazyman145

    the sticker is very easy to install for an amateur installer and also for beginner installer. be it with minimal heat from a heat gun or just by using a squegee (although using a heat gun does makes installing a sticker easier)the glue of the sticker are also very tough, it doesnt melt easily and stick to the sticker for a long time even though through prolong heat composure
    i wish there are bigger size than this, hopefully around 150cm, and if possible this sticker are to be sold at a roll that will make it a perfect buy ;)the depth of the 3D effect is not 1 of the best in compare to others that are available, but if u saw it at different angle it will shine perfectly
    this sticker is perfect for small applications like a small part around the bumper or on the interior i even had installed this sticker on my laptop. and since the reliability that i had using this sticker im definitely going to order this product again.i just hope that there will be bigger size than 50cm x 200cm
  • Great product

    posted by jmdieleman

    I'm new to vinyl wrapping and I bought these because they are very cheap. I'm still a noob at wrapping but this wrap is good, it doesn't split, it's easy to get it off and on again. When you heat it, it'll stretch very good. The texture is very nice to! feels and look like real carbon (almost).
    These is ideal to practice with.
    These is ideal to practice with, I'ld highly recommend it!
  • Good product

    posted by deniscabaldi

    Excellent product, bought and I have no regrets. Product quality is excellent, the adhesive has texture, and the application is very simple. The final effect of application is very cool.
    Buy and will not repent, applied in 2 smartphone, mine and my girlfriend. And left to make a phone one friend, he likes a lot of final effect...
    Good, beautiful and cheap! What are you waiting for, buy now! The texture of the adhesive is pretty cool.
  • Really good wrap

    posted by vtolis

    Good wrap. Wrapped everything i could and sold what was left over. Really cheap and I could double my investment in my country.Really good wrap Good wrap. Wrapped everything i could and sold what was left over. Really cheap and I could double my investment in my country.Really good wrap
    Don't wrap it on you.
    Good product. Buy it if it becomes available. I waited for it, and it was totally worth it.
  • Good wrapping sticker

    posted by babysmurf

    -Nice quality-Good price-Easy to use Very handy product to have in stock for repairing cellphones or car acceriores.
    I used it to wrap a cellphone , i used a hairblower to wrap it around the corners.If you want to wrap it use some water on your item to make wrapping easyer.It sticks verry well and it looks great.
    Good multi purpose product for a verry good price.Would be great if there were more colors available.

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