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360 stand Customers Reviews

  • Amazing quality support for kinect

    posted by ziltoid

    Fits perfect to a 32'' tv setIt has enough stability to support the kinect device for those of us who don't want to attach the support to the tvBuild quality is impressive, not cheap. It's been supporting my kinect for more than a year by now
    Price could be cheaper
    Overall I would buy it again. If your tv won't allow you to easily attach the other kind of supports available or if you don't want your 150usd device to be supported by something cheap you should really consider buying this item.
  • handy product at a great price

    posted by dealrama

    - wide clip to hold big phones as big as the Galaxy Note 2- easy to use- decent quality- meets expectations
    i use my note 2 to record videos in many occasions. but it was a painful task. holding the phone in one hand was not fun. the phone would shake and holding it for long would be difficult and numbing. of course, there's always the challenge to hold the phone without blocking the camera! i badly needed something. as i was surfing dx.com one day, i came across this product - a tripod for note 2. i was thrilled to see such a product and immediately ordered it. the shipment promptly arrived in 2 weeks time. i opened the package and i must admit i was not at all dissatisfied. i was like - not bad for the price i paid. i started to use it and now i realize in how many different ways i can use this stand. a great bargain!
    The cellphone tripod stand is a very handy product that useful in occasions like video recording and video chatting. Also good for watching movies on your phone. Overall, a recommended accessory for every smart phone user. This one offers all this at good price with decent quality.
  • Nice and really protect the panel

    posted by danielhellin

    Energy Systems 7" table fits perfectly, even you can charge it with case. The close system works and it rotates smothly, so its easy to rotate also to leave the power clam able to connect. Cover is quite strong, even you sit on... depending your weight, of course :-DDD
    Stand up position is only one but its works. No problem with customs.
    Fully recomended, better than other with rubber band. Not panel surface is cover by fixing.
  • Decent cheap case for Nexus 7 2013

    posted by wrx888

    -has a magnet in front cover so it will wake/sleep when you open/close the front cover.-plastic backing frame grips the tablet well, not loosely so it will not fall out.-nice feeling fabric material (compared to all the generic faux leather cases)-stylus/pen holder-elastic strap to keep the cover firmly closed when transporting it in a bag/purse/pack.
    Nice cheap case to protect the Nexus 7 2013 with wake/sleep support. The slanted reading position holding slots could use some improvement. The rotation feature is pretty useless since it can't be balanced properly in portrait position. I just ordered SKU 251292 to try as that one has proper deep slots to hold the tablet, but it is not the fabric material that I prefer and it doesn't have a pen holder.
    Decent cheap case to protect your N7 against scratches and hold a thin pen/stylus, but not that great to hold it in reading position for actual tablet use if you're touching/pressing on it all the time.
  • Small, but strong

    posted by Sugraf

    It is very compact, but surprisingly strong, it has no issues with holding my Lumia 1520 (which is a huge phone) even during strong vibration. Attaching and dismantling the phone is easy and convenient.
    Of course you can not expect a stabilizer in a device so cheap. For it's price - great stuff.
    It even works with the protective case on the phone, which I was not sure it will be able to do. Great nifty holder, strong enough to hold huge Lumia 1520.

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