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360 controller Customers Reviews

  • Silicone for the gamer

    posted by hdjoenne

    Protects the controller against dust,sweat and scratches.Fits perfectly in your job and makes the intense gaming a whole lot easier.Gives your controller a new and better look for a low price.
    If in warm temperature the rubber could stretch, but I supose that would take a lot to happend. Have kept it next to the xbox fan without any problems.
    A must have for those wanting extra protection and grip on their controller. You will not regret buying it!!!!!!!!
  • My second buy

    posted by sixel

    Very good options to stop buy pile. The use is very simple and the charge during four hours with out headset. If you use headset the time is litle. But the general fom is very nice and cheap.
    no coments.
    no coments.
  • Great fit and great look

    posted by rvindua

    My wife loves purple. Has to have her phones and tablets with purple gel cases, and now she gets a matching 360 Controller. I picked up the red. They both slip on nice and snug. You get a really nice grip on it, the controller is not slippery at all. Also, if you have the optional keyboard that clips under the base of the controller, that will also fit while this skin is on. It's very snug but it works. We only have 2 controllers but if we decide to buy two more, we're definitely going to get two more coloured silicone skins from here.
    if there was a bit of a cutaway where the keyboard clips in so it's not as tight then that'd be great.
    add some flair without taking apart and painting your case. just get these skins, you can't go wrong especially at this price.
  • ALPS Analog Joystick

    posted by TedoKinta

    Good price, Compatible with XBOX 360 and PS2 joysticks. Not too hard to replace only several solder joints.
    Verry good for a DIY projects with joysticks, but it requires a breakout board due to the non standart footprint cant be used directly on breadboard.
    If you need it buy it!
  • Its really worths the price.

    posted by Darklordrsn

    I purchase another play'n'charge cable here that never wanted to charge. This one actually charges. The black is a nice look as well and it looks a little different than the normal PNC cable. I also dig how the light changes whenever you shoot in call of duty. Must be some kind of glitch or something.
    It's cheap what more can you ask for. And this time it works most of the time unlike another PNC cable I purchased.
    Great price, works. Just make sure to have some life in your battery otherwise it wont charge.

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