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360 black Customers Reviews

  • Saved me from buying a new hard disk to my Slim

    posted by Andropovbr

    - You can use a hard disk from an older X-Box 360 version. Some notebook hard disk also can be used
    I had an old 360 version with a 120 GB hard disk, but it had a 3RL issue and I decided to buy a Slim version, unawared that the hard disk connection is different from previous versions. So I bought this case, broke the case from the 120 GB hard disk (which is a notebook HD), put it in the case and it fitted perfectly.
    It's a great item for a small price. I recommend this for everyone.
  • cost benefit - good

    posted by drmaluco

    -easy installation.-relatively discrete..-very loud - good.-instalação fácil.-relativamente discreto. O som é bem alto - muito bom
    -good product, but the power button is bad. Prepare to replace it.-Bom produto, mas o botão de acionamento é muito ruim. Prepare para trocá-lo
    -If understands electronics, have a soldering iron - can buy. Otherwise, do not buy. This button will break.-Se você entende de eletrônica e tem um ferro de solda, pode comprar. Caso contrário, não compre. O botão vai quebrar, com certeza. E aí, o produto vai ficar inútil
  • FM transmitter stand

    posted by Lenks

    Really nice product. Good quality, the sound from the transmitter it's not great, you can hear noises when switching songs but it is not something that can drive you crazy. The sound itself is pretty good, better than my other fm transmitter... The stand holds your phone nice, won't drop your phone and the camera lens is not covered so you can use you phone for DVR camera also... The charger works fine, the micro mscard slot to... Everything works well...
    This is really nice multifuctional device i'm really happy with the purchase. You can listen to music from your phone, or from a microsd card or just charge your phone.
  • Great product, does what it has to do.

    posted by rapedapeda

    It fits the iphone 5 really well, it is waterproof while maintaining the accessibility of the buttons. The screen is very good readable also in bright sunlight.The click-system (to un-mount de phone with the case from the bike mount) works really well.
    Great useful product. If they improve the build quality it would be a 5-star product, now it's 'just' a 4-star, in my opinion.
  • Well made Led

    posted by fabricioangioletti

    This is an incredible purchase!It has an excellent price with excellent components, very good cost-benefit. It's made in a very good material, very durable, and the lights are really good! It light up everything!It's very good for outdoor activities and for reading on your bed, since you don't need to be plugged in the charger all time and the duration of its battery is excellent, since you have two options of lights, half turned on or all.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.

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