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36 smd led Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful bulb

    posted by Zepps

    - Good amount of light for such a small lamp- Construction seems quite good, solid, and apparently it will last- Warm light, making the section of the room where it is installed quite cozy- Work with standard plug
    Could have matte glass so we don't see the internal LEDs when turned off. Not a big deal.
    Looking for a small bulb lamp with decent amount of light and with a cozy feeling, that's it!Quite good for a table lamp.
  • Good for the price!

    posted by Tyrrea

    Great little lightbulp, with very good light. I use it in a room with no windows, and this lightbulb gives a "daylight" like shine whitch is nice!
    Great thig about led lightbulbs is that they dont get hot like other bulbs usually do, so you can switch and handle them even when they have been turned on for hours!
    Great value lightbulb, very affordable, where i live (Denmark) you easilly pay 4 or 5 times as much for same kind of bulb!
  • Eti

    posted by etylinek

    It seems is really 200 lumenVery good product, very good price. Very good and warm light. Seems really strong, not cheap plastic. Small size is really nice. Very well boxed, arrived at no extra time.
    They're a great utility light, but probably not up to the task of lighting an entire room (unless you use an array of them).Really pleased with product, I will buy more, when I need this kind of light. Really recommend!
  • Does not fit all R7S armatures

    posted by PA5UL

    Very low power consumption compared to conventional R7S filament lights. The leaflet claims 13 Lumen per Watt.
    Not dimmable, will flicker instead of dim on lower voltages but then it didn't say it was dimmable ;)Take good note of dimensions, a minimum of 15mm clearance is needed underneath the connectors heartline. I had only 12 or so. It was possible to modify my lamp but then it turned out it was not dimmable. I'll use it elsewhere where both issues are no problem.Warm white apparently is a matter of taste. I think it is more white than warm but at least it's not blueish white.
    Could be great if your light fits the ramature and you don't require dimming
  • Bright white

    posted by LeSchnell

    Those lights emit a relly clear bright light. I would estimate that the color temperature reaches 6500K, it's relly clear, even slightly blueish. The items are simple to replace (yes, it's by design) and look quiet robust. My car does not give any error like 'defective lamps' or similar, so they work as expected. Mounting them in reverse (+ on -) wil not destroy them - simply remove and turn the bulb 180°.
    Not really cheap. The build quality could be better, but anyway - they work.
    One of the only parts that fit and work with my car (if the lamp does not consume enough current, my car shows the error 'replace bulb'). Could be cheaper

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