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35mm film Customers Reviews

  • great camera for fun

    posted by alicefrank

    This camera takes 4 pictures in one frame, so it''s different from usual film cameras. It's easy to use, just as a regular film camera.
    It's a fun camera to play with and really cheap. If you desire to try taking pictures with film cameras like in the old days, this is a easy start with fun results.
    Services it's purposes: 4 pictures in one frame at a great price!
  • Incredible!

    posted by gasolinemind

    this one is just amazing! i love it, its kinda easy to use, and the fun is guaranteed ! what is also fine, is that you can have the camera with you all the time, cause its really small and cute.
    buy it and have a lot of fun! use it everywhere to take pictures of many different things
    its cheap, funny, with a nice design, and even though its plastic, the camera is awesome. you wont have problems using it and will certainly enjoy the results you'll get :)
  • Good product

    posted by emotoie

    Very easy to use. The magazines works well, for slides or negatives. The quality of scanned images are good, could be better. The focus is done by the device not allow corrections.
    The other characteristics of the product are good. The scanned images could be corrected by the usage of photo correction softwares, to improve que quality of final photo archives.
    The balance of the product is good. Is a good buy tho have your older slides and negatives in the computer.
  • Cheap underwater fun.

    posted by Grunf92

    First I would say that it is a solid made photo camera with waterproof casing that actualy is waterproof for small price even in sea water.
    Still a big fun in the water.
    If it was just mine camera that came with blurry photos I would reccomend this product, otherwise not.
  • You would carry it around!

    posted by betimh

    Really joyful to have such camera, you will like every moment.Easy to carry, really weightless and small body and a strap.I like the funny voice of shutter, it is amazing.
    I hope it will endure well, cause I carry it around everywhere I go.It is not toy, a real camera but also joyful like a toy.It is really cheap compared to the other ones around.If you use film cameras, you must also try this one too.
    I bought it with intention of toying with it and then throwing away, but on the contrary I love it! I think I will try the versions 3 or 4 lens also. It is upmost fun that I ever get from a camera. I highly recommend you to try that, you know, it is cheap also:)

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