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35mm film Customers Reviews

  • Cheap awesome super fantastic camera!!!!

    posted by Granvilleisland

    So far I've purchased four various lomography cameras from DEAL EXTREME. I bought two for my kids and two fro a friend children. These cameras are awesome!!!!! These cameras take the most unusually neat photos that you'll come across. We take them when we go for a hike and take nature pictures. You will really see in the photos a different views of nature that you haven't seen before.
    I have two different lens configured lomo cameras. One camera with three lenses and one with four lenses.
    I would totally recommend these lomo cameras. The fun factor is high and the photos that you get out of them are terrific.
  • You would carry it around!

    posted by betimh

    Really joyful to have such camera, you will like every moment.Easy to carry, really weightless and small body and a strap.I like the funny voice of shutter, it is amazing.
    I hope it will endure well, cause I carry it around everywhere I go.It is not toy, a real camera but also joyful like a toy.It is really cheap compared to the other ones around.If you use film cameras, you must also try this one too.
    I bought it with intention of toying with it and then throwing away, but on the contrary I love it! I think I will try the versions 3 or 4 lens also. It is upmost fun that I ever get from a camera. I highly recommend you to try that, you know, it is cheap also:)
  • Like this camera a lot

    posted by biebsje

    Very cute designphotos are more or less good quality, if you compare it with another analog-camera.De 3-style lens is original and works great! the price is so cheap.
    fun to use, people can't believe it is a real camera and not a toy. I like it so much!my expectations weren't that high because of the low price, but it's a very good camera, very light and compact also.
    do not hesitate! very cheap and fun fun fun
  • Good Value

    posted by Zanga2

    I have bought this scanner to convert old black and whit films to digital pictures for back-up storage and to be able to print them easily. The scanner has some useful setting and some adjustments. Pictures resulted from scanning exhibit good quality. Another good thing about this device is that it also can be used without a computer being able to save pictures directly to the included SD card.
    - It come with a lot of extras from the film adapters to the SD card and film dust brush.
    It easy to operate, and has good scanning quality and a lot of extras included. Also you don't need a PC to use it.
  • Simples and awesome

    posted by snooposo

    -Easy to use-Weightless to care in your bag-Good materialsMake good pictures by a diferent way, all the moviment is the best part of this product, we don't have to stop to take good pictures, you don't have to think, just take it and have good suprises.
    It's perfect for lomofans, make awesome looking, and if you have an external flash you can take awesome pictures in the night/club/bar or anywere you are. And you can play with the color, functions and diferent type of films.
    You MUST buy it if you like actionsample, it's a funny way to "preserve" good moments of your life.


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