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3528 white Customers Reviews

  • Nice LED SMD lamp , Daiwl E27 5.5W 500lm 3500K Warm White 102-SMD 3528 LED

    posted by cdiepenheim

    I works.The transport in the bubble enveloppe is allright.Nice light and firm cover.
    But like to buy more LED lamps. There is enought to shop. I like the amount of different Led lamps and are cheaper then in Europe till now.
    Daiwl E27 5.5W 500lm 3500K Warm White 102-SMD 3528 LED Light Bulb - Yellow ......Nice bought.DX is sending the goods and you must have some patience in europe.
  • Very bright LED bulb

    posted by DaViG

    Nice, warm white LED bulb. Very bright light. Good replacement for 25-40W normal light bulb. The dimensions are quite useful. I think I'm going to order some more.
    Nothing, so far. Maybe a more robust packaging is an option.....
    If you need a LED replacement for a normal E14 light bulb, I think this is a very good alternative. I think it has a reasonable price.
  • Great bulb, very nice white light

    posted by Macolar

    Much brighter than old halogen lights (40W) and also brighter than normal warm white bulbs for 4W. As they are 3.6W strong, they consume very little electricity if you compare with halogen bulbs.They are also very easy to install and none burned yet (i had other bulbs of such kind before that i bought elsewhere and they still work perfectly - new ones are much brighter though).
    I have checked many of bulbs that are similar to this one, and bought 3 in the end. I've found out that this one is the brightest of them all and it still has very nice white light (the other 2 were a bit whiter, but the brightness is lower).Link to other 2 bulbs (very great as well, but that one is my winner):- http://www.dx.com/p/gu10-2-8w-300lm-7000k-white-48-smd-3528-led-light-bulb-silver-220v-174250- http://www.dx.com/p/gu10-3w-336lm-6500k-24-smd-5050-led-white-light-lamp-white-silver-220v-193088
    All in all, the room is much brighter now. Very satisfied with the product.
  • Excelent G9 Light Bulb

    posted by lucianoBRA

    - 6W LED vs 40W (normal G9 lamp)- Color of the light is very similar compared with normal G9 lamp. You can use it mixed with other types.- Light is a little bit stronger than normal G9 lamps.
    I bought 5 more pieces to change all my G9 lamps.
    Very good LED lamp. Economical (6W vs 40W), strong light and good light color.Check the size before buy! It`s a lot bigger than a normal G9 bulb.
  • Very good product

    posted by ivanbonev

    This light bulb gives perfect brightness! To be honest, I didn`t expected so much light! For a room of 12 squaremeters i have ordered 4 bulbs, but only two are enough! The light is really warm white- as written in the product information. Note that the bulbs are long- 14 cm. The price for this product is at good level!
    For sure I will order again for the other rooms.
    LED is the future!

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