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350 lumen flashlight

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350 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Excellent little torch

    posted by WlodekT

    - Good, solid feel to the torch- Nice size - fits in the pocket- Very bright for a torch powered by a single AA battery- Perfect for occasional, not prolonged use (most users, I guess)- optional AA/lithium battery use, which makes it very versatile
    I like it. It has a solid, quality feel to it.
    Again, it is excellent for an occasional user who likes to keep one in their pocket ...
  • The most beautiful 18650 flashlight on DX.

    posted by desolder

    This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL steel light. It is shiny and elegant. No brutish assault crown. No flattened sides to take away from the circular symmetry. No flanged head end. Standing up, it's a perfectly vertical, slim cylinder. The only visible features from the side are the alternating polished and matte ribbing to let you know which end to grab. The ribbing also helps a bit with the grip, since the polish makes it a little slippery in the hand.
    The steel construction makes it somewhat heavy for its size. This makes it feel like a quality light. It will probably survive more abuse than an aluminum light will.
    I disassembled the pill and found three AMC7135 chips as others mentioned, so it really is regulated as DX claims. Measured current is 1.03A, which makes the 350 lumen claim correct (but subtract about 10-15% for reflector loss).
    The spot is tight - about 6 degrees. I was surprised how tight it was, since I was expecting a wider spot. The spill is about 40 degrees. I put it on my helmet and went out for a night mtb ride and was very pleased. It might be too narrow for a bar light, however.
    It tailstands perfectly. Attach the cone diffuser from DX and it becomes an area lamp. The snap on flip-up diffuser should also fit this light, turning it into a pure flooder.
    The mid and low modes show no visible flickering. SOS really is SOS. There is no memory, which some people may find a con. But since the pill is sized for 16.8mm drivers, the 3xAMC7135 5-mode driver with memory, sku.6190, should fit.
    The "Fandyfire" name seems kinda lame. Thankfully it's not very visible.
    If DX held a flashlight beauty contest, this would be the winner!!!
  • Best in class

    posted by Rockspider

    Very bright! The XP-G R5 emitter is driven very hard (2,35A on high!) and coupled with SMO reflector this has a noticeable throw for a flashlight this size. Better than the UF 2100 with XM-L emitter, which has more lumens but is very floody.Has no mode memory, always start on high, then med, low, strobe and sos, so if you too hate blinky modes, there's no need to cycle through them every time. GITD rubber boot switch glows visible even after hours in the dark.Tailstand (but better without lanyard)
    The bezel is only aesthetic. Lens, o-ring and reflector disassemble from inside after removing emitter pill.Given the high amperage, strongly suggested quality cells. Visit Budget Light Forum for more info.
    Of the many 2100 style lights around, this one has the best hotspot for distance and still enough spill for general use.Amperage in various levels: 2,35A high, 1,14A med, 0,24A low, not measured on blinky modes.
  • An extremely bright EDC is you have 'deep pocket'

    posted by CharlieOnFire

    Extremely bright, good HA coating, stainless steel bezel, GITD, relatively deep reflector gives intensive hotspot than other EDC light. Good price, simple to use, hold securely in hand. Battery body is reversable(basically no difference).
    Since it is single mode, the ocassion to turn it on is for either a. outdoor; b. emergency; or c. fun playing because it is VERY BRIGHT. It overkills if you were only to find the way to bathroom in the midnight. I would get a 3-mode if available, though I noticed FandyFire carries 5-Mode model. I may either replace the driver to 3-mode or replace the tail switch to forward clickie but I'm too lazy to DIY. Now it is one of my XPG R5 collection.
    1.4A single mode. Killer brightness at its size. Gets hot. Good for 50-150ft outdoor use or to scare the bear out of your sight!
  • Great flashlight

    posted by MitjaPirman

    - Great value for money- Good build quality- Long life with 1865 battery- Good narrow beam, throwing 150 meters easily- My two favorite hobbies are hunting and sailing and i use this flashlight for both...
    Beam adjustment function would be nice, but in this price range this is as good as it gets.I ordered set of two batteries & charger, but i'm still using the first battery :) Additionally i ordered tactical remote pressure switch, still waiting to get and test it.
    Great product,

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