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32gb flash mini Customers Reviews

  • nice product

    posted by Timo_Pyro

    it is a VERY small usb storage device with a huge amount of space, it is quite lightweighted so if you want you can add it to a keychain, the cap is also very tight fit on the device wich is kind of good, this way no dust comes into the unit.
    at the it ordered it i could'nt seem to find otler colours than this one but i think i looks quite nice the way it is
    i really recommend buying this, it small and has a huge amount of space and is simple good :)
  • Its great!!

    posted by Leandro_sky

    Its very small.It works fine.It has a lot of storage space, 32GB is a lot of space to store music.I think its beautiful in my car stereo.Its cheap.
    Its small, so its easy to lose.But its a great product for the use that is intended.I do not use for transporting a lot of data, I just transferred all my music collection and used it in the car.
    Its great for its purpose. I use it in my car stereo, and it works perfectly.
  • Buy it!

    posted by hbaqueiro

    Well, thats tiny, usb 3.0 and 32Gb!! Its perfect, what else can I say?It seems very robust and I must say its beautiful. Using it with a usb 3.0 port (you can recognize if it is 3.0 if it is blue inside the port, otherwise is 2.0)I've got reading speed 95Mb/s and 25Mb/s writing speed (Program: SpeedOut v0.5)
    Huge pendrives are still very expensive, but this one worth the price.
    Buy it now :)
  • Amazing!

    posted by rogeriovieira

    - VERY nice! The real thing isn't flat pink like it looks in the site, it's more like a red aluminum. Looks way better than its price (or the pics) suggests.- Copied about 30 GB data to test the file mapping. Everything works fine. So far, no worries, it's the real thing.- VERY small and, on top of that, the usb contacts aren't exposed.- Comes with a metal strap. Gives a pro looks.- PRICE!
    Very satisfied! Thinking about buying some pounds of that stuff. It'll be very hard to beat that bang-for-the-buck.Don't know how much it will last, but... for that price, can't ask much. It has already paid itself in the first month of use.
    Just buy it!

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