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3200k warm Customers Reviews

  • long delay to turn on

    posted by dfahrion

    Needed a small flood light with a longer neck than most LED floods have (A19 shaped opening), this fits perfect and gives a nice color and uniform flood.
    The CFL it replaced was too bright, this is perfect color/light output for what I needed and uses 1/3 the power. The 2 second delay isn't as distracting as the 2-3 minutes to full brightness of a CFL.
    Other than the longer than expected turn on delay it is a great bulb.
  • Nice Warm colour

    posted by ludyvanbijnen

    I was supprised by the Warm Color. Warmer then all the lights I tested. Like normal halogen light. Also this one has the best light spread, not so focussed as other led GU10 lights, which I think is great. Also the lumen are OK. compair 35 watt. When lamp is on looks like normal (none-led light) Price, in my country they will charge atleast 25 dollar, for a similar lamp, this is better.
    Great light. I'm going to wait if it survives the first 3 months and then order my self 20 more!
    If it survives, then it is my best deal of the year. When it breaks I will update my post. So go ahead and buy it.
  • Well build E14 spotlight

    posted by AntonH

    Well build spot light with E14 connection.
    This light is very bright. I didn't have the equiptment to measure the light output, but it seems to be something like a 60 watt regular spotlight.
    If DX would sell warmer white light than 3200K i really would replace all my regular lightbulbs with this kind of ledlights.
    A very nice rather warm white ledlight for a very good price
  • Exact 45W replacement. Great.

    posted by ZSimon

    This is my first time buying LED lighting from DX. Previously I bought some bulbs from local stores here in Canada. Those were rated to replace 60W, and cost 19$ each. These replace 45 W and cost me in bulk, about 6.00 each. I bought 7 of these.All the SMD LEDs are lined up perfectly.All function across all 7 with the same brightness.There is no apparent overheating, a great plus.There is no buzzing noise, like with other bulbs from other stores.
    I bought 7 of these, 4 function as fillers for a room fan/light. They are JUST bright enough.The 3 others are used for a light stand and night light. While not suitable for reading they do illuminate the whole room.
    Buy these. These are perfect replacement for 45W conventional bulbs.
  • Efficient, directed light

    posted by skela

    The light beam can be adjusted by turning the module about 90°. The light comes on instantly and is at full brightness from the beginning.
    I use these in our entrance corridor, in 3 ceiling sockets that are too small for other E27 LED sticks of this form factor.
    The directed beam is ideal for certain applications, such as wall or ceiling mounted fixtures. Other types of lamp fixtures usually need an omnidirectional light source.

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