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30w led power driver

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30w led power driver Customers Reviews

  • Good quality LED driver

    posted by smv1210

    Good schematic, high quality components are used.Protection against the load short circuit or breakage does work quite OK.
    Output voltage (DC 30~36V) information can confuse some potential purchasers/users. In fact, output voltage range is much more wider: 20~36V at least. The usage of TSM101AI in the driver's output voltage/current control schematic, means, that some experienced users can even implement (an analog) dimming there ;)
    Good product for its money!
  • Easy to install LED driver

    posted by BjornR1989

    + relatively small size+ easy to connect, thanks to the different colored wires+ does not get very hot, just warm to the touch
    This LED driver will get warm but certainly not hot. After being powered up for hours, it'll still be possible to touch it without burning yourself.
    Compact and easy to use, suitable for use with 30W LED modules sold on DX.
  • Good quality

    posted by jpafi

    - Has enough isolation between AC and DC sides.- Heat sink is isolated (connected only to some noise filtering capacitor) so you can ground it.- Input has common-mode filter and fuse.- Output current is 1A exactly.
    Put it in a grounded metal box and you have a very safe power supply. The metal box will make sure that it won't catch fire.
    Works fine with SKU #95820.
  • Good LED Driver but little bit too expensive

    posted by logologo

    Very easy to use. no problems so far.it works with less than 30V.Input: 105mA 234V = 24,57WOutput: 1,016A const. 23,62V =24Wefficiency: 97,67%temperature after 2h: 36°C
    a little bit to expensive. it could be 3$ cheaper.it do not work with 12V output.tested with 2x CREE MK-R LED.please make shure your driver is cooled down when you use it. do not overheat and it will work perfektly.
    all over. a good LED Driver. i will buy it twice or more if my LED works as i want it to work ;-)
  • Good current driver

    posted by jnz73

    Very good efficency around 90%. At input I measured 34.4W and at the output 15.4V and 2.0A with sku. 47262 attached.
    Good for driving 30W LEDs.
    After little modding, current can be regulated 0.4~2.0 Amps - se pic I posted earlier.
    Very good build quality.
    I'm using it for aprox one year in kitchen ceiling lamp with sku 47262. We use this light everyday for several hours and driver and LED still working very well.
    I recomended this.

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