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30w led driver

Welcome to our 30w led driver online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more hot gadgets at waterproof led driver and 5w led driver. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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30w led driver Customers Reviews

  • very good driver

    posted by LeatherfaceNL

    its a very good LED driver.
    bought 3 but only needed 2 but later had to replace an older one that died (other brand and quality and more expensive)
    these run longer than the original expensive ones.
    and its even running 32 x 1w powerleds.
    it was a lil gamble because it says 21-30 leds but seems to work out perfect.
    its easy to install and connect.no extra work needed.
    shes running nice n smooth already a long time.
    its not running hot,the 32 leds burn just as bright as the 30 on the other one(at least i dont see the diffrence)
    one word GOOD stuff
    wish i bought more because all my original expensve ones are dieing.
    i need another one like this.
    great driver! if your planning to power up some 1w/300-350mA powerleds.(in between 21-30 ofcourse).. its a must have
  • Good quality LED driver

    posted by smv1210

    Good schematic, high quality components are used.Protection against the load short circuit or breakage does work quite OK.
    Output voltage (DC 30~36V) information can confuse some potential purchasers/users. In fact, output voltage range is much more wider: 20~36V at least. The usage of TSM101AI in the driver's output voltage/current control schematic, means, that some experienced users can even implement (an analog) dimming there ;)
    Good product for its money!
  • Easy to install LED driver

    posted by BjornR1989

    + relatively small size+ easy to connect, thanks to the different colored wires+ does not get very hot, just warm to the touch
    This LED driver will get warm but certainly not hot. After being powered up for hours, it'll still be possible to touch it without burning yourself.
    Compact and easy to use, suitable for use with 30W LED modules sold on DX.
  • Very good! And can be modded to change brightness!

    posted by elenicskyers

    Very beautiful board, works very fine with sku.39959. Can drive a sku.39959 and a 12V DC Fan in parallel. Doesnt get any heat, even after 15min of direct run.
    I bought that for comparison with a 28W Fluorescent lamp. It is more bright than that, an consumes only 34W. The sku.39959 draws 2A at 17V. I modded my driver to control the brightness of the led. See the video that I posted for more info about how I do that.
    Very good and beautiful board! Buy it if you wanna change your Fluoroscent lamps for leds! I worth it!
  • Good quality

    posted by jpafi

    - Has enough isolation between AC and DC sides.- Heat sink is isolated (connected only to some noise filtering capacitor) so you can ground it.- Input has common-mode filter and fuse.- Output current is 1A exactly.
    Put it in a grounded metal box and you have a very safe power supply. The metal box will make sure that it won't catch fire.
    Works fine with SKU #95820.

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