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30mw laser Customers Reviews

  • good and powerful, but...

    posted by newtonsoliveira

    very powerful, Im using it to tes fiber optics and any leak in the way is easy to see.the laser part is very well fixed and aparently strong
    Is a cheap(in brazilian standards) and powerful laser not ready to use, so is necessary to have some knowledge.I´m happy to have it. lets see the if time tell me something diferent.
    If you need a green laser it is a good one, but it leads to jail if not well used in some countries.
  • bright and good lights, easy to use!

    posted by Dragelampe

    Bright and good lasersspeed control!easy to useIt has a very wide range, can fill a normal sized room if placed properlychanges the apperance of the room
    Don't really see the use of strobe or the ability to follow music, this device is more for making the living room or bedroom look nice and relaxed.
    I bought this item to have lasers in the living room, this thing is better then excpected.Not an item for a party though, its a calm and relaxing light show.But if its not for a party I will recommend it!
  • Great module for DIY project

    posted by Fortrix

    - Build quality is rather good for such a cheap device- The diode is protected with compound at the circuit side- Potentiometer is present- Collimating tube is made of a sturdy alloy, not plastic- Main pro - the dot is much brighter than expected (possibly wrong pot position from the manufacturer but it's good in this case) even on the black non -reflective surfaces- 405nm seem to be real 405nm, not 400 or other near-UV, so the dot is very visible
    - The unit came exactly in 3 weeks after ordering (quite fast for unregistered airmail) in double bubble-wrapping- I think the same diode is used at least in 50 mW modules, probably the only difference is in pot position- Although the beam is divergent, the tube has a possibility to screw a focusing cap onto it. It remains just to find some. :)
    If you need an inexpensive but bright and compact violet laser module for a DIY project you can definitely choose this unit. Just take care to protect the lens and your own eyes. Good luck.

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