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300cm micro usb

The perfect 300cm micro usb here to meet all your needs. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. micro usb hub or mini micro usb may offer more options for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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300cm micro usb Customers Reviews

  • super thin and will easily charge

    posted by Natecobb

    The cable is very flat and puts out about 770ma. check the ma rating on your charger before you buy this, it wont charge my droid 2 but it will charge my gf's Samsung galaxy with ease from my xbox 360.
    good connectors, no tight fits, feels sturdy and will charge most medium ma rated phones (300ma-700ma) check the back of your wall charger/adapter that came with our phone.
    great for the price, get a couple because of the length! one for your home and one for your car, reaches out far and charges nicely.

    posted by zareek

    Very cheap. I ordered this cord to take advantage of using the usb port in my tv to charge, but be able to use it at the same time without being stuck right in front of the tv. It is very very cheap and very very bright so you dont trip over the length.
    i like the flat design as it allows flexibility in placing it on the floor or along a wall.
    probably i wouldnt purchase it again as its so slow. good idea though. The best use of this would probably be for overnight charging, when youre leaving it alone for a a long period of time but want it to have enough reach for you to pick it right up in the morning.
  • sturdy charge cable

    posted by bloemkolen

    The cable is solid build with strong and big connectors and a thick and wide flat cable, at least twice as wide as most flat usb cable's.Bright red, making it easy to find i guess ;)nice flexible cable
    It's a shame that there are no data transfer wires since it is a really nice solid build cable!For charging purposes only tho it is a great cable!I would have given it a higher rating if the data wires where installed.
  • It's a great and original cable.

    posted by unif3d3

    First of all, I LOVE this colour. It looks like in the photo, just a bit less bright. The cable is really long seen with eyes :-)I can finally put my mobile phone on the desk near the pc without disconnecting it from the AC charger behind my bed.
    No other thought, I'm pretty satisfied of this product.
    I think I'll buy another cable like this (maybe in another colour) for my work place. It's so cool.
  • If you need a long micro USB cable get this

    posted by diehard07

    This is really high quality, I have used it with a raspberry pi, works fine and i use it to charge my phone. No problems at all. And the cable is very long. So now i dont have the problem of my cable not being able to reach my table from far. Very good product. get it if you want a longer cable. The price is also very cheap considering the quality.
    I wish it had come in other colours with this length
    your phone came with a small cable. get this if you want it to be longer.

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