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30 pin usb

On this page, you can find a wide selection of 30 pin usb. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. 30 pin usb black or 30 pin iphone usb may offer more options for you. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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30 pin usb Customers Reviews

  • Feels cheap but works

    posted by jscatala

    The cable is as long as the original and fairly firm. The USB works without the need of reboot the host device and long enough to keep the pendrive or USB client not hanging too loose. // ESP: El cable de datos es igual de largo que el original y es bastante firme. El adaptador USB me funcionó sin la necesidad de reiniciar el dispositivo donde lo conecté, y tiene el largo suficiente para que no ande volando el pendrive.
    The cable works fine, feels cheap but works always so it is a good alternative (only for the cable). I still using the originar adapter but with this cable... The USB adapter, after split the cover from the male adapter needed to fix it with hot glue and now works like a charm... I move lot of data between my devices so the adapter is really usefull // El cable funciona tal como el original, si bien al tacto se siente de mala calidad, pero aún así funciona. Aún lo utilizo con el adaptador original y no he tenido ningún problema. El adaptador USB luego de que se separó la parte plastica de la electrónica la repare y no he vuelto a tener ningún problema. El adaptador lo utilizo bastante y me ha sido bien util
    For that price what else you can get???... works and does the job. // Por ese precio que más se puede pedir... funciona y hace lo pedido
  • Comfortable cable

    posted by dkcem

    Long cable allows you to use your tablet when it charging. The original one is very short but this is very useful. No fitting problems.Quality of material is very good.
    Gamers or expert users of a tablet pc use the tablet on charge sometimes. It is very hard when you use the original short cable. This long one is really comfortable.
    A necessary item for tablet users. Price is ok. You can have it and use it with happiness.
  • USB Male to 30-Pin Male + USB Female to 30-Pin Male OTG Cable for Samsung

    posted by ginever

    its good and useful to have an extra cable for your samsung tab, - i have one at home and this new at the office. I am thinking about third one - to cary in the bag. good price, good quality, also - extra one (this short white cable) as a bonus
    anyway the first cable is perfect andpre price is ok.
    if you have samsung galaxy note 10.1, - you will need this longer cable. Maybe also the white one - if you have some old usb flash drives.
  • Great product, does the job

    posted by superjona

    Works perfectly, just like any other OTG cable. The price/quality ratio is quite excellent. The connector is very sturdy, and doesn't feel cheap at all.The 30-Pin to USB Female Data OTG Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also very flexible, the cable can still be used even with some covers and stands.
    Grab this cable if you need an OTG connector for your Galaxy Tab. It's cheap and it works perfectly.
    Does the job and delivers its promises.
  • Adaptator samsung galaxy note 10.1 tu USB female

    posted by paigran

    Good quality, works perfectly as expected, good price. You plug this cable into your tablet, and put all what you want, a mouse, keyboard, USB device, external harddrive, SD card via adaptator. Everything is immediately recognized.
    Should exist with different length cables but overall a nice, simple and effective adaptator
    Buy it if you need it

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