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30 pin to hdmi Customers Reviews

  • Works fine with iPad but needs extra USB cable connection

    posted by MattInSoCal

    - Plugs right in and works without any software or driver installation AND WITHOUT JAILBREAKING.- Displays iPad desktop on the monitor screen.- Plays music through the monitor/TV speakers while other apps are running.- Always keeps the display in the correct 'up' orientation now matter how the device is turned (switches from portrait to landscape to match the iDevice).- Slightly longer but same width 30-pin dock connector so if your regular sync cable connects while your iDevice is in its case, this will too.- Allows syncing with iTunes if connected to a PC.- Allows charging of an iPhone via PC or DC charger.- Allows charging of iPad when using the proper power adapter.
    - Movies play with sound via HDMI, while on the screen it shows a message that the device is connected to an external monitor.- Some apps work well with sound through the monitor, some do not. Seems to be more how the app is written, so this is not in the Cons section.
    I'm happy with the device, particularly that it has the short connection cable between my iPad and the HDMI adapter so it's easier to connect with the iPad in its case. I wish that I had known before that the USB to mini USB cable connection would always be required; I probably would have selected a different adapter.
  • Just plug it

    posted by philrich123

    Very simple to use. I just plug it on the ipad and on the TV and bingo. All the iPad screen is duplicated on the TV. And when you watch a video you have control of it on the iPad and the video displayed on the TV. The product seems to be good quality!
    I was looking for this cable a low price.With the iPad if you wanna watch videos on TV, first look at your iPad setting to increase the time before the iPad go sleeping mode, because if it does the video stops playing. But only the iPad is to blame for that.
    I recommend this product for it's simplicity.
  • Works as expected

    posted by Justkb

    - It is a very usefull product and it does all the things that it supose to do.- Works with New iPad (not jailbroken)! - Just plag in and you have full screen mirroring and video out. - It charges you iPad/iPhone - Audio works great over HDMI as expected- A lot cheaper than genuine Apple adaptor
    A great opportunity to get an video out and charger cable for a good price with a not bad quality.
    A great opportunity to get an video out and charger cable for a good price with a not bad quality.
  • Recomendado

    posted by jorgelx

    English: The price compared to other sites is the best, not to be original Apple is very well made??.Español: El precio comparado con otros sitios es de lo mejor, para no ser original de apple esta muy bien fabricado.
    English: The shipment arrived very fast, but the package is damaged, has opened a hole in the envelope.Español: El envío llegó rapidísimo, pero el paquete ha sufrido daños, se ha abierto un agujero en el sobre.
    English: Nothing to add.Español: Nada más que añadir.
  • Good cheap adapter

    posted by ArturoArt

    -Cheap!, less than 1/3rd of original equipment in my country.-USB cable included! no need to carry your 30-pin to USB cable, as the adapter already has one for charging.
    I tried in my Iphone4 and my Ipad2. Everything worked as expected. Ipad2 mirror the image with no issues.Iphone4 do not support mirroring, and also didn't work with youtube app, but this is not adapter problem, it is iOS problem. If you go to youtube from safari, it plays videos in external TV with no issues.
    All worked as expected.

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