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30 micro mini usb

The perfect 30 micro mini usb here to meet all your needs. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Try browsing 30 micro mini usb lightning, mini micro usb apple. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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30 micro mini usb Customers Reviews

  • the spring is of cheap quality, but not bad for the price

    posted by pclz

    1. it works2. it's useful to have a "universal" usb plug for all my gadgets3. no inner power source which means one less thing that could break, and also i can trust my own voltage convertor not to break my gadgets by giving imprecise voltage
    it's only useful if you have gadgets with versatile plugs
  • Classy Combo Connector

    posted by Nightman12

    Looks very nice. The length of the cable isn't very long, which is great if you are connecting this to a laptop and don't want cables snaking all over your desktop. The connections feel solid when plugged into a device. It allows me to simultaneously sync/charge my wife's iPod, cell phone, and eReader at the same time, which is awesome!
    Great cord. Exactly as described.
    I would recommend this product to others.
  • Useful item

    posted by setyo

    (+) cheap price, compare to local shop(+) retractable so it save space in my gadget pocket(+) no more tangled wire(+) works perfectly for my blackberry, samsung and nokia (micro usb port) as charger and data transfer(+) connector can be disassembled since i don't use iphone
    I'm not sure whether the retractable part will last long or not, I hope so.
    Cheap price, useful item, works perfectly. Dont wait too long, just buy it!
  • mult usb cable

    posted by ESRPiep

    has got the the most used connectors. it is small and good for travel. the connectors are connected, so you can not forget a connector some where. a good thing if you are in a hurry.
    my friends like the small connectors, so I bought a few extra
    There is not much too say about the product. it is useful and because it is so short you can take it to work or on holiday. you can charge and use it as a data-connector. if it is to short, you can always use a extension cable
  • Great all-in-1 product

    posted by FreshBob

    One cable does it all. It has a Mini-USB plug, a Micro-USB plus and an iPod plug.It is retractable so it makes for clean and easy storage.Very inexpensive for a three in one device.
    You need a few of these. I have one in the car, another one in the house, and one at work in my office. This will charge anything and everything: Cell, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth devices, iPod, iPhones. It also makes a great gifts as well.
    Just get a few and be happy! One cable does it all!!!Everybody needs one.One of the best purchases I've make. Thanks DX!

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