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3.7v rechargeable

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3.7v rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Its ok, but..

    posted by mahonie

    -Well the pro is that this thing works and its rechargeable :-)
    -It fits perfect into the phone
    -There is absolutely no overheat or something
    -You can leave it charge for 24h and still no overheat
    -So its not a cheap thing that will explode
    Well the only thought that i have is my cons. So i dont know if it make any difference between using this one or the original one, i dont see any differnce.
    Its a good product, it looks and feels fine.
  • Great battery for my SAMSUNG ST76 camera

    posted by GusdeCaballito

    The battery is exactly as the original. It works perfectly. I took so many pictures and I did not notice any decrease in the charge of the battery. The price is quite cheap so I bought two so I can have more chances of taking pictures without the risk of running out of battery. The packaging is also great so it arrived safely and well to my house.
    Great deal. Cheap battery. Worth it for the price.
    I reccomend this product.
  • trustfire batteries

    posted by anglia05

    Good quality batteries, recommended to me by another dx customer. They power our spotlights for rabbit and possum shooting perfectly. I like the plastic case for storage etc. Keeping charged batteries in the case at home let's me know what ones are good to go
    These batteries work well. We slip them into a stock mounted bullet holder so we can replace them thru a nights hunting
    Great batteries for a great price
  • Just perfect

    posted by Vauldon

    - It's a very very cheap battery.- A little larger capacity than the original one.
    - By the price of a the original battery, yo can buy up to 6 of this.
    - Works great, little price, what are you waiting for? I'd buy it even as second battery to use in the case were the original one gets depleted. To change one for the another, it takes 30 seconds so... -Since I started playing "Ingress" one battery just is not enought for me. Found here the perfect solution.
  • Decent replacement...

    posted by andrewcanada

    Decent replacement to my dying 3 year old battery, nothing special, you still have to recharge the battery every day, but that could be bacause the device is too much fun.Left the phone with its new battery on the table for 2 weeks, checked it later, it showed about 70-80% left, 3g was on the whole time.
    Will be back in a year or two for the battery for my iphone 4...


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