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3.7v rechargeable battery

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Buy a 3.7v rechargeable battery from DX.com! It's your best choice. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. usb rechargeable batteries and gp rechargeable batteries are the hottest keywords that customer use. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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3.7v rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Good Product

    posted by yroldmail

    Extra Battery Life that allows for multiple days without having to recharge.Durable Comes with new back so battery will fit
    It is a good spare battery to have around just incase. I still use my original one but keep this one around as a back up on trips and heavy use days.
    Good Product, Great to have have a primary or secondary battery for the Infuse 4G.
  • As the original

    posted by Tugdu77

    Exactly the same than the original. Same autonomy (about 2 days). Works 100% with HTC Tattoo (Click)
    Very good assembly and plastic quality.
    Fonctionne parfaitement avec un HTC Tatoo. Même batterie que celle d'origine.
    We will see if the life time is more than 6 months!
    If you want a second battery for your Tattoo, buy it! The original cost more than 8 times this price!
  • Thery GOOD!

    posted by spcleha

    excellent battery operating time flashlight from them for 5 - 10 minutes of use per day is almost a month! Charged batteries are stored all this time without apparent loss of capacity. Batteries come in a plastic bag - this is a VERY nice and comfortable :)
    One battery was an oversight washed in a washing machine and a pair of trousers, then dried on the battery and.... nothing ... as working the same way and it works :)
    Highly Recommended for all ho need quality and long life from battery!
  • Quickly BUY these!

    posted by mimoSK

    Great build quality and value for the money , compared to all the other 14500 protected Li-ion batteries. Tested capacity with Turnigy Accucell 6 charge to 4.2V, discharge to 3V Discharge current 1A measured capacity:1.cell 744 mAh 2.cell 734 mAhDischarge current 0,5A 1.cell 774 mAh 2.cell 764 mAh Batteries received in this batch are incredible good, durable high current and capacity with 1A discharge is by 50% higher then usually with this SKU. These are better than Marsfire which cost more. They perfect for SIPIK flashlight with drain on high mode over 1A. Highly recommended to buy now!!!
    Highly recommended to buy now, until quality will be same :)
  • high-quality 18650

    posted by Kensasaki

    I have been using into a flashlight. Lighting time no problem. When you use into a flashlight, sufficient brightness is obtained. This battery can be charged firmly 4.2V. It has a PCB Protection, I am also glad that there is no worry of over-discharge. We are very satisfied with sufficient quality.
    I also want to buy this product, if the battery became 18650 I need to try using a while longer.
    Big capacity 3100mAh!!

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