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You'll find the best 3.7v protected for you here. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

3.7v protected Customers Reviews

  • Cheap but not cheap

    posted by Fenki

    This batteries have a cheap price - but no cheap quality. I'd say it's "standard / medium quality": according to the price.I picked one cell and discharged it with about 3 amps, twice a day for three weeks - and there's no capacity drop until now.
    SKU 13820 (round AC plug; different SKU for same charger with flat plugs is avaliable) is a good charger for this battery and charges one or two at a time, even if they have different charging levels when inserted.
  • spiderfire batteries

    posted by anglia05

    They are cheap, nice plastic box for storage. They look to beyond quality, look forward to seeing how they go after a few more charge cycles
    18650 powered torches are awesome, and the batteries and chargers available on dx.com allow me to have multiple sets of batteries for my torches for very little cash.
    Cheap? Yes 3000mAh? Unsure, good value? Yes.Buy again? Probably.
  • Good 18650 Batteries

    posted by chaticorulezz

    - Good batteries- Good build quality- The size it is perfect in my flashlight- It have over current protection and overdischarge it was 2.5v i think- I charge it with a hobbycharger and the battery charge very clean- High discharge current
    - I got the cheapest 18650 batteries on DX but i must say these ones feels better
    - Good batterys i recommend
  • Good battery, good value for the money

    posted by bjovanovic

    Relatively high current capacityGood capacityRelatively good priceMeasured 2450mAh with a good computer controlled charger (4.2v down to 3.0v). Also tested capacity under different loads - very similar results.Border-line good for battery powered tools
    I bought 6 of those for use in battery powered screwdrivers.Current limiting kicked in on every second start. After a few attempts, it blew up.Used those in Bosch/Skill Super Twist screwdrivers (originally NiCd 3.6v), and they work, and work ok as long as the job is not heavy duty. NiCd is much much better in those cases, but the capacity difference and weight are definitely in favour of LiIon.
    Would definitely recommend those for low current use as they seem good and consistent. Anything up to 3-5A should be mostly OK.Battery powered stuff is a different story, and you may get varying results. However this is still better than expected for this class of batteries.Overall - highly recommended!
  • good 18650 batteries

    posted by mohamed

    good batteries that is used for alot of flashlights.
    the batteries seem to hold charge for long, i havent had to charge them since i first used them.
    these were suprisingly large, i havent seen 18650 batteries before and first thing i thought was "WOW"
    i used this with:
    and they all work good together.
    not sure if this is the best 18650 batteries DX has to offfer, but its the ones i bought and i like them. so far no problems.


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