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3.7v protected Customers Reviews

  • Great battery, very useful, great price for two

    posted by callmeshyguy

    Quality battery, one did have a bit of the protective jacket torn but easily covered with tape. Used with the DSD charger and fit in my SF G2.
    Great price for a rechargeable battery and great build.
  • Quality 18650 batteries.

    posted by The-Freak

    Some really nice batteries. I have not tested the capacity but I think the stated 2500-2600 mAh would be right. Comes with protection board which is working, you can't short circuit them. I also like the graphics, they look bad ass.
    I use these to power my cheap XM-L flashlight which I refitted with a 105c driver. Current is about 2.2A, which is lower then 2.8 but probably due to thin wires. Pretty sure these can handle 2.8A.
    If you need 18650 batteries buy these, they probably have the best price/quality ratio. Don't bother buying branded US or europe batteries, your just throwing away your money. These are fine and a lot cheaper!
  • great rc123 replacement

    posted by skojevac

    I purchased these as replacement for expensive cr123 and I do not regret it. After receiving I charged them once and let them run dry, than charged them again and let them run dry again as a kind of test. I liked performance since that second time it took a little bit over an our for batteries to run dry. As a test flash light I used one of those fancy surefire lights with proprietary 3.0v xenon bulb which I replaced with oem 3.7v xenon bulb.
    I do not know what would be their run time inside flashlight with a power demanding light bulb, but I found these suitable for regular daily use.
    Definitely a good replacement for primary cr123 batteries
  • Just What I Expected

    posted by zippyzappy

    They look nice. The color scheme makes you think they cost a lot more. Capacity is true. These fit very well into my charger and lights. No slamming or prying needed. If they were just .o15" longer, then I would be trying to find a bigger charger. Not with these though. Just right.
    I bought these after tons of research. Probably like most other people who don't want to buy something crappy. I liked the testing done under the search "18650 battery test 2011". That testing guy really helped with my decision. It also made sure that I did not put these batteries into a super hight drain device that would cause the protection circuit to turn off. Anyhow... get em. They are good.
    If you don't buy these, other people will. These are what you need if you need em. They are not junk. If they were you could probably find them in the fishing section under 'weights' or 'sinkers'...Get em before they make the label ugly or something like that.
  • Long Runtime With These Batteries

    posted by lyonn

    - very cheap protected 18650's
    - built in protection circuits that actually work
    - high energy capacity (close to rated mAH rating)
    - good energy retention over time
    - tested runtimes with Ultrafire WF008 and with my Solarforce L2 R2 both set to high - more than 6 hours
    - fits my P60 hosts
    These are very good 18650's for the price. Energy storage capacities are close to the rated values. Overcharge and undervoltage protection circuits work. I have these Ultrafires as seconds for my Trustfire Protected 18650 3.7V True 2400mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and am confident that they will work when needed and that their actual capacities are not that far behind from the Trustfires.
    I'm ordering more of these and am recommending them to friends.

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