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3.7v pack

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3.7v pack Customers Reviews

  • Muy buen producto!

    posted by gabito80

    Muy buen producto, la relación calidad - precio es excelente. Mi linterna puedo utilizarla de manera óptima ya que con sus 3,7v y los 2600 mAh, me brinda un haz de luz limpia y muy blanca. Son muy buenas para carga rápida.Posee además un circuito de protección que evita las sobrecargas.
    No creo que haya que acotar algo más para este producto, ya lo he hecho en los ítems anteriores.
    En síntesis, el producto es muy bueno y el precio es bajo por lo que es muy recomendable. Su carga es rápida y la duración de las mísmas es bastante larga si se guardan a temperatura ambiente.
  • Cheap replacement

    posted by franblanco

    * First impression: good looking packaging.* The battery is fully compatible with the ZTE Blade smartphone, has the same extent and size as the original battery.* It is very easy to use: simply remove the old unit and put the new on in place.* The price is quite reasonable.* The battery life is also similar to the original. You can use your cell one entire day until you need to recharge.* This item is perfect as a backup battery to carry on trips. Much easier and convenient to carry than the wall charger.
    * I'd problably buy more units.
    * Good purchase at nice price.
  • Very good battery for GoPro Hero 3

    posted by MCBRENO

    very good battery for Gopro Hero 3. Very close to an original battery with infinitely lower price and same duration of an original. As I like to shoot my dives have only one battery was always a problem, because it always ended when he wanted to film or photograph something. So it is good to have a spare battery for such a good price and same function as the original
    Think the replacement battery feels like it fits more tight into the device instead of the original one, but anyway it does fit and works as it should
    Product works like the original with a much lower price
  • Fair battery for its price

    posted by jshain

    Can help when the original battery is out of juice.Keeps charge for long times.Portable, doesn't take much space to carry.
    A tip: create a constant rotation of your batteries, to ensure that they are all functioning well. Use an external battery charger for always having everything charged (it has a USB slot, so you can charge your phone and a spare battery simultaneously).
    Bought two of those and they serve well for a backup when out of home.
  • Great Substitute

    posted by bestenemy

    Works like a brand name battery and is a little bit liter.
    Using as a replacement for Canon S200. No issues. Charges fine. Doesn't overheat.
    If you want to breathe new life into an old functioning Canon camera - this is the way to do it. Hard to find this type of battery in local retail, since the format's considered outdated.

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