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3.7v pack Customers Reviews

  • Very usefull

    posted by jjruok

    - serves it purpose, that is longer battery life- gives you enough juice for heavy gaming and browsing
    - the material use for the cover can be improve- would be better if the color will match with my BLUE SIII MINI
    - if you are a heavy user and do not own a portable power pack, this one is for you
  • Exact replacement

    posted by tyrus

    fits exactly where old battery was. Use double sided sticky tape to keep in place. Fixes problem of a system that will only start up after hitting reset button while pluged in(after it starts up and you unplug it it will die).
    if you don't have great soldering skills buy some shrink tube, strip the wire twist the wires togeather and shrink tubing over connection. Make shure you use tape on the battery so it does not slide around, and cause dammage to the battery and consoule.
    excelent replacement battery, price was also affordable. I am thinking about buying a couple more of these to keep around
  • Great replacement for original battery

    posted by kooijmans

    I am using this battery in my HTC Sensation.Shipment received really fast and in good order.Battery fits perfectly, as expected.Charging took little time, and battery lasts 3x longer than previous one. Original battery is probably worn out, didn't last a day, this one lasts for 3 day's. Good price too.
    By this one if you need a cheap replacemt.
  • One of my best purchases on DX!

    posted by kcjchan

    Like the other reviews have pointed out, these batteries are perfect. Their capacity are high, and I can use my Fenix flashlight for a long time on these batteries. They don't run very hot too.
    These are true 2000mAh batteries. Don't take the rating for granted on other similar batteries on DX. Some of them greatly exaggerates the capacity. Props to DX to properly checking out these batteries for capacity.
    These are probably the best 18650 batteries you can get for the price. And they haven't exploded on me yet so I guess they are pretty safe.
  • good battery

    posted by Lysic

    Good battery, bought a e-book for replacement of worn. The charge holding up well.Cheap and quiet good replacement batteries Small enough to use them - like I did- for other circumstances then what the specifications tells.The size smaller than the original, so that, if desired, can be put another, thereby increasing the power factor of two.
    Good battery for a small price, a decent replacement for the old batteries.
    If you have problems with batteries inside your tablet, these can be sure very attractive replacements for it;.... just as I did!!! I just like to buy at DX


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