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You can find fashionable 3.7v lithium at a low price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

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  • Regular battery for a good price

    posted by pordefault

    It is a good battery, great load capacity over the original battery, .The price is also very attractive, with a battery capacity that is very hard to find and when you find it's costing a price much higher than the price offered by "DealExtreme"
    Based on the price I feel satisfied, now i keep the two batteries with me and I have battery backup for those days when usually I was with no cell phone at 5pm. Buy it it you are looking for an extra battery, don't buy it if you want to replace your original battery with a high capacity one.
    Good replacement for the original battery. Capacity reaches the value of 2450 mAh. But when I look at the price of the original battery, I think that "Gold Bater" from Deal Extreme is a good choice. Buy it if you use two batteries
  • Good quality battery

    posted by Swiftsebi

    Good quality battery, best use for tablet battery replacement. Better performance and better capacity of my original batteries. Easy to use: cables are ready to solder and isolated.good quality constructionShipped with a good case protection.
    Perfect for tablet original batteries replacement.+++++++++
    Perfect fit for tablet Mediacom 810CEX (8"screen)############
  • Cheap Batteries

    posted by psifactor

    Nice and cheap, these little batteries come in a pack of two which is quite handy, for my flashlight (SKU 24354) these things have powered it for ~1hr fine without me noticing any dimming or diminishing of the beam.They charge fine in charger i also bought from DX, with the two of them it's great for a single battery flashlight as one can be in the flashlight as the other chargers, you practically never have a time without a charged battery ready to swap with.
    If you bought a flashlight and just realised it doesnt come with batteries (yes i did that xD) these are perfect, not too expensive so you still have some cash to buy other DX stuff.These batteries are protected (have a regulator built into the battery, underneath the wrapping) so they won't go frying anything.
  • Perfect battery for an iPod Photo

    posted by thomasabbott

    Supplied tools and instructions helped open the ipod without damageFits the iPod correctlyWorks welliPod is working again!!!
    I haven't tested the battery life yet, it might be a little smaller than the original battery. But after 10 years, it's a big upgrade.
    If you have a 4th gen iPod or iPod photo that's not working, or the centre button isn't working because the battery has swelled up too much, then this is the battery you need.
  • Excellent inexpensive replacement

    posted by Festus

    Inexpensive, high capacity and simple installation. A similar previous replacement battery lasted nearly 3 years.
    Telco stores can sell OEM batteries for 10x this price without blinking - high street robbery! Tossing out a fully functional phone because a replacement battery is too expensive is not good for the environment.
    New life for an older smartphone. Install and enjoy.

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