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3.7v battery replacement

Finding your favorite 3.7v battery replacement is easy in our product catagories. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. If you want to find more 3.7v battery replacement related products, you can find them by browsing hp replacement battery, samsung replacement battery. With your support, we can do better.
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3.7v battery replacement Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement battery for the original

    posted by Martin5mars

    Not leaking after 1 month of normal use, not over heating, still keeping it's charge. I can't recognize if i'm using my orgininal battery or my replacement, so i guess it's as good as the original one! Some poor quality battery will tend to swollen, but not this one. Definitively good for the price!
    I use it with an external charger, which makes a usefull setup for travelling. Always have a battery backup, charges at night.
    A would recommend this for anyone who's looking for a battery replacement or a battery backup.
  • Works Well

    posted by Psyko555

    Good battery for the price it is sold. a new one directly from the mobileshop cost 8x more.don't heat to much when playing game or doing things that use a lot of battery. my old battery was heating a lot when i was playing 3D game on my phone and whit this oine, no more problems
    good finish. i think that capacity is not the 2800 as mentionned but it seems to be the same for other product.
    good product for the prize. i recommend it.
  • A Really good product

    posted by danielle23

    the product is very cheap, maybe the battery life is not exactly like the original samsung battery, but it's still not bad at all.
    I thought it would have more problems but it works great! I use it as a spare battery and it's very useful. I carry it with me anywhere i go, and it's really light and thin so it can fit in my wallet.Also can be really good instead of you original battery, not only as a spare one.no problems with charging it.
    definitley worth the price! does exactly what it's supposed to do. Highly recommand it.
  • Recommend

    posted by furiaka

    Low price. Compact size. American power plug (european adapter). Not bad quality at all. Battery fits cellphone (HTC Sensation XE) perfectly. There is a USB port on dock, which can be used for charging.
    It fits perfectly, have a low price, good quality. This is the good product, i recommend to buy it.
    Good item, recommend.
  • Great battery replacement for Nano4

    posted by doctorjre

    Cheapest price anywhere to be found!! Build quality is not bad and fits quite well.
    The battery itself is a great deal and build quality seems decent. The hard part is the actually changing of the battery itself. It maybe a little difficult for the average person and some may damage their ipods while doing this.
    If you have a nana 4th generation, the battery is probably worn down by now (like mine was). If you are comfortable with the disassembly of your nana4, this is the cheapest method by far!!

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