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3.7v battery pack 900mah

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3.7v battery pack 900mah Customers Reviews

  • Work well

    posted by SeBBBe

    *Work great with my flashlight
    *Built in circuit that protects the cells from becoming to discharged
    I have no other experience with this battery type so I can't really say whether they're up to spec or not compared to other options. My flashlight draws about 2.5 amps and all things considered, I think they probably provide the 900 mAh they claim although I haven't timed it.
    The price seems fair to me, the quality is good excpet for the sketchy cathode plate. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.
  • Good replacement battery...

    posted by cycu767

    - Same sizes as in orginal Sanyo battery.- It fits my camcorder with no problems.- It's charging without - It works.
    I think this product price represents its capabilities. Still, the price beats all of cons. You'll get additional recording time for only 4 bucks. If You go on a trip or vacation were You wont be able to charge Your camcorder this product is the best solution.
  • Great replacement battery pack

    posted by Laureijs

    Excellent! I bought this because my other batteries got drained and lazy after a while. This battery doesn't hold as much mAh as the original, but it's LOADS cheaper!
    Don't forget to keep them charged. Also, in the beginning you should always charge them fully and drain them fully a couple of times to extend the life of these batteries.
    Great replacement or spare part!
  • great rc123 replacement

    posted by skojevac

    I purchased these as replacement for expensive cr123 and I do not regret it. After receiving I charged them once and let them run dry, than charged them again and let them run dry again as a kind of test. I liked performance since that second time it took a little bit over an our for batteries to run dry. As a test flash light I used one of those fancy surefire lights with proprietary 3.0v xenon bulb which I replaced with oem 3.7v xenon bulb.
    I do not know what would be their run time inside flashlight with a power demanding light bulb, but I found these suitable for regular daily use.
    Definitely a good replacement for primary cr123 batteries
  • Great

    posted by SjorsVR

    This is a great quality battery.It has a very good charge lifetime, doesn't drain quickly at all.It fits an AA size battery slot perfectly, so it is very easy to use.
    I bought this to upgrade the workings of a flywheel toy gun, after reading about it online. This item did exactly what I had anticipated.The increased voltage from 1.5V to 3.7-4.2V is definitely noticeable.
    Great quality battery with good charge lifetime.I love them and will be getting more in the future.


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