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3.7v battery pack 900mah

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3.7v battery pack 900mah Customers Reviews

  • Works perfect

    posted by ArneVP

    - Works perfect. Fits my Samsung L730- Works like the original battery- Charges perfectly in the camera itself. And charges as fast as the original- Battery looks well built.
    - Price is good, not to high! - The battery is package could be better. Simply in a small cardboard box. Not a real problem for me, but for some people this may be a problem.
    - If you need it, buy it! - For this price you can not buy it in your local hardware store. Here in belgium they even don't have it anymore, so buying it form dx was the perfect solution for me!
  • Better than "brand" name

    posted by squabpod

    long lasting, cheap
    I use these to vape in my pv. They last all day normally. The last a lot longer than the 16340 Trustfire brand and the Fandyfire brand. I rotate 6 of them continually. For the price I don't think they can be beat! I haven't gotten a bad one yet and will continue using them. If you are considering these but are unsure bc you have never heard of the brand - I can tell you they are good batteries so go for it save some money and get a better battery than the others.
  • Battery worth to buy

    posted by hygis

    +Battery was for a good price also comparing with other options+High capacity enough to use camera for a lot of pictures
    Capacity of the battery decrease in time. But two years is a short period therefor I put three stars for the quality
    I will try to buy another one - but assuming I will not get any comparable for such a good price, I will buy this battery again if available
  • Good battery

    posted by ragana

    The battery works like the original battery but with very reasonable pricing. We are very satisfied when we received the shipment and put the battery in our camera.
    This battery is recommended for Olympus camera owner. The price is very reasonable for the same battery capacity.
    There is no bottomline
  • Good Rechargeable 14500 Batteries

    posted by mrbigaxe

    These are nice and cheap. They work. They are protected. They don't seem to self discharge. They look good and are distinguishable from AA batteries.
    I don't have any equipment to properly test these to see if the capacity is as high as they say, but they work well. The recharge quickly enough and stay charged until you use them. The charge doesn't last very long with my flashlights, but the output is too high to expect them to last all that long. Don't put them in anything that can't handle the 4.2v output. Don't confuse them with AA batteries, or you will likely smoke whatever you are using. The sku 1251 charger works well to charge these batteries.
    I would buy these again. I probably will at some point.

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