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  • Works well

    posted by LamKaYau

    Cheap and functioning. Qaulity seems to be very good. It fits perfectly in the Samsung DV300 Camera
    The OEM battery is about $30. I bought 2 of these and is only about $11. Both batteries work fine. I have not tested on long-term usage, but at this price I'll treat them as emergency backup when my original runs out of charge.
    Very good batteries for the price. Our local stores here do not carry the OEM battery. When I bought the camera, battery replacement is my main concern. But now with 2 functioning spares, I have no more worries.
  • looks like optimal replacement battery for P3700

    posted by venuz

    - decent capacity, close to original HTC battery;- good voltage under load if compared with cheaper batteries;- GPS works just fine, not blocked;- built quality is ok, looks like branded;- cheap if compared with original;- nice packaged, included plastic case and EN/CN instruction manual; :)
    my original battery degraded after 3 years of use. bought cheaper replacement from DX but it has completely died after 3..4 monthes - retained its capacity but voltage has become too low under load and internal resistance is too high. now with this NOHON battery my Diamond is alive again, first discharge with iCharger 106B+ at 500mA gave me 850mAh - close to capacity of original. i've tested GPS and it works great in opposite to previous cheaper battery, which blocked satellites reception;
    NOHON looks like good manufacturer.
  • Real capacity is 635-645mAh

    posted by Rugor

    Price; TrustFire; PCB (protected) - it is really good thing when you use it in the flashlight or something also without controllers, because it do not let to kill battery
    I buy it and test real capacity after 1st charge with 0.2A charge/discharge on Turnigy accucell 6. It was about 635 and 645 mAh. I was disappointed, because I have 6 26650 TrustFire, in describe it was 5000, but real was 4200-4500. In this (AA 14500) was 900 in describe and 635-645 real after 1st charge. Test after 2nd charge additional give 5mAh. It ca be better after 3-5 cycles of charge-discharge.
    We have what we have. It working in flashlight. PCB help to stay alive =)
  • Works perfect

    posted by ArneVP

    - Works perfect. Fits my Samsung L730- Works like the original battery- Charges perfectly in the camera itself. And charges as fast as the original- Battery looks well built.
    - Price is good, not to high! - The battery is package could be better. Simply in a small cardboard box. Not a real problem for me, but for some people this may be a problem.
    - If you need it, buy it! - For this price you can not buy it in your local hardware store. Here in belgium they even don't have it anymore, so buying it form dx was the perfect solution for me!
  • Good replacement battery...

    posted by cycu767

    - Same sizes as in orginal Sanyo battery.- It fits my camcorder with no problems.- It's charging without - It works.
    I think this product price represents its capabilities. Still, the price beats all of cons. You'll get additional recording time for only 4 bucks. If You go on a trip or vacation were You wont be able to charge Your camcorder this product is the best solution.

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