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3.6v ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Great for the money

    posted by tobyg

    Great price
    Works in surefire G2LED & 6PLED
    I am just getting into high performance flashlights and thought battery prices were outrageous for cr123 batteries. So I needed rechargeables. These looked good. I received them and they were charged to 3.85V ready to go. Fit right in my Surefires no problem.
    The shipping package was just a padded envelope. All the items I bought were just loose \ floating around in the package. I thought for sure something would be damaged but everything was 100% good. With the low product prices and free shipping though its hard to complain
    Great product for the money
  • Now your playing with power

    posted by Shwell

    -Value-Combo pack-compact (Easy to transport)-Great output and longevity in a small package
    Quick and convenient system at a fraction of the cost of regular NIMH batteries.
    A great package to get you going quickly. The Cons listed above are really non issues. These Batteires offer great output anf reliability in a small safe package. Charger is nice and compact which is great for travel needs.
  • Fair rechargeable 17670

    posted by BrainR

    + fair quality: wrapping fitts tightly, dimensions exactly 17mm in diameter and 67mm long as specified+ surely overrated (like most UltraFire batteries), but capacity seems acceptable to me+ might replace 2 CR123As (if voltage is supported by driver, etc.)+ fits my Fenix P3D Q5
    Using this battery in my Fenix P3D Q5, Turbo mode is not available. Other modes are available down to ~3.2V. So I guess >90% of the battery's capacity can be used in the P3D.
    Buy this battery, if you just need one 17670, or if you're not sure if the 2-pack protected 17670s will fit your application.
  • Good cells

    posted by nomoney

    Well made. Can be used reliably in high current incandescents. I use these cells in my Surefire M3T with a LumensFactory EO-M3T lamp and a G&P X-9, both light up with a single click everytime.
    Good value for money. Can overcome the thin shrink wrapping issue by using another layer of shrink wrap or PVC electrical tape.
    For the price paid, I can't really complain.
  • Good price

    posted by nightshade

    Great price for 4 cells. This cells will fit the Ultrafire 602C Q5 5-Mode LED Flashlight sku 10806 as the protected cells are too long.
    Will buy more as the price is right.


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