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3.5mm stereo jack

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3.5mm stereo jack Customers Reviews

  • foot-tested

    posted by mamert

    -Tough. You can step on them.
    -Cable is thick, nothing should snap inside too quickly.
    -Volume control is neither too loose nor too stiff.
    -I have put them through the same ordeals as my Philips SHS5200 (which have served me every day for 7 years). This included twisting them 500 degrees (were *slightly* deformed, but fixed by twisting the other way) and stepping on them (with the heel). Every part survived unscathed.
    -The cord is about the same thickness as the Philips' WITH the nylon cord.
    -The phones are smaller. Not a problem, they just sit differently and have better treble than bass.
    -The jack is smooth and clean, not like on the 4th photo
    Very durable. They will last as long as the sponge on them.
    Price is just right.
  • 5pin stereo input

    posted by oinkwaste

    reliable 3.5mm stereo socket, can withstand a lot of abuse (after more than 6 months of heavy use, no apparent loss of contact)
    these sockets have 5 pins instead of the usual 3 (left-right channel and ground).the ones you want is the middle (ground), and the 2 pins on the extreme of the socket (left and right).the other two make contact to the left, and right pin respectively only when there is no jack inside. When a jack is inserted, only the middle and the two outer most make contact.
    not much to say, a bit hard to find the part in EAGLE CAD (adafruit has it in their libraries) , but thats not the fault of the product.
  • Very nice for the price

    posted by ZeMMaC

    - Nice audio quality;
    - 1.2m cable (there are other shorter and not so cheap);
    - It is really, really, really, really very cheap! Incredible!
    - I got a white one;
    - I liked it very much because I wasn't exptecting a good thing;
    - I'm using this in my mp3 player and in my note sometimes.
    Buy one at least to complete the $15 value if you want to track it. lol
  • Great Item

    posted by Franklin151

    Excellent earphones with good sound. The length of the cable is perfect, unless you are going to be far away from your device. Cheap price for where I live in. Recommended
    The design is eye catching, and I've had several of my friends asking for where I bought them.
    Perfect in many ways. Highly recommended. A must buy.
  • Funny earbuds

    posted by Teitn

    1) They are cool! :)2) They are lighter.-3) The box works fine to keep the earphones safe.-4) They come with ruberbuds in two size, for diferent ears.-5) Keeps in the ear, and not fall, even if you run.
    If you like the funny ladybug, but not interested in high definition sound, you can buy it!Otherwise, look for another thing.
    I liked, it´s cheap, my girlfriend loved it!Win, win situation ;)

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