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  • good but can be better

    posted by aabosh

    This is amazing it worked great with my iPod touch 2g and i just loved it, and it is really small which makes Ur iPod not look that bad (Yayyyyy).
    This is product is great and amazing for 2 dollars. this is good for making voice memos and just having fun with apps that require a microphone.
    The bottom line is it is amazing and i recommend to buy this amAzInG product and if u do enjoy.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    posted by stevegek

    Okay it's a microphone and it's compact and flexible. So what else?IT ROCKS!I have the Canon 5DMKII professional photo camera. It cost me about 3500 dollar. So yes it's good. The built in mic is... okay but lot's of people use an external one.When you film (it can film too) and the image stabilizer is on, expect a LOT of noise.I wanted to reduce this with THIS MIC.You plug it in on the side, aim it at the front and off you go.Sound quality? WAY ABOVE expectations!!! Far superiour to Canon's built in Mic! Mine has been under water for 3 min so that might have to do with it, still it worked GREAT!Also you hardly will hear any image stabilizer.
    Get it, especially if you have a digital SLR with mic in and you need proper sound and don't want to spend 300 dollar on an OK mic.
  • Cool and Handy

    posted by Robster2107

    I am so very super impressed with this easy, simple to use microphone. My ipod was not built with a built in mic so this works great. plus the keychain/string attaches to my ipod case so I can have it wherever I go if I want. I love this size. No wires. Easy to use. Plug and play. no special software/apps needed.
    Fun for voice changing apps.
    get it.
  • A must have for laptops without built in Mics

    posted by justbeachin

    The mic is small, which I like, it doesn't get in the way as my mic imput is directly in front of my keyboard. I can just fold it down when not in use.
    It looks to be very well made and robust. I believe it would be very difficult to break.
    The sensitivity is excellent, I don't have to talk loud, and I can determine no audible distortion. Very very Nice for the Price!
    I bought this for the use with SKYP, at first I could see a signal but I was not hearing any replay. I had to go into the tool bar and follow the directions in order to hear myself. After about a half hour of concentration I got the mic to work properly and I am very happy with the results.
    It works great for me and I don't need to unplug it and put it away because it is getting in the way, it lives nicely on my computer. I will be buying more for other friends I have that have the same type of laptop. If a external mic is what your looking for I highly recommend this one!
  • Great cheap microphone

    posted by titanic88

    Very good, cheap and very small microphone.
    It have great sound and it work with application iSmoke and with Skype and other application.
    How to use a mini microphone for your Skype via Ipod Touch.
    Your Ipod touch does not have a microphone, only speaker. In order to use it for your Skype call, you can either attached a pair of phone headset (3.5mm) or use a Mini Microphone. This article is about using a mini microphone, which is more reliable than the phone headset.
    A) Turn on your Ipod touch.
    B) Carefully plug in your mini microphone to your Ipod touch.
    C) Turn on Skype program, you will hear nothing when it comes on.
    D) Tap on "Contact" or "Call" to make your call.
    E) If "Contact" is chosen, tap on "All Contacts" and tap on a number (person) you want to call.
    F) His number will come up, tap on "Call".
    G) If "Call" is chosen, use the keypad just like your phone. Don't forget to type 1 + area code, then phone number, then tap "Call".
    G) You will see your Skype program calling that number, quickly tap on "Speaker" icon on screen. It will turn on your Ipod touch's speaker, allowing you to listen to the other person. If you fail to do this step, you will not be able to hear the other person!!! Be sure to maximize your Ipod Touch's volume (on its left side).
    H) You can use your Ipod touch as a phone, or simply have it in front of you while you talk. Adjust the sound level by pressing (up or down) on the Ipod touch's left button. You can use it as a phone by pressing it to your ear, or you can be in your bed cover and place your Ipod touch on your chest, speaking to the little attached microphone.
    Tips: While your mini Microphone is plugged in your Ipod touch, when someone calls you, you will not be able to hear your Ipod touch ringing. You can either have your Ipod touch nearby so you can see Skype program pops up, the only way to hear your Ipod touch "rings" when someone is calling you via Skype is to disconnect the little microphone.
    Don't forget to have it right next to your Ipod touch to plug it back in a hurry. (in order to talk back to your caller). This can be done easily, just pretend your life is on the line, you can do it....
    If your Skype program is not left on, it will not work. Go to your "settings" on your Ipod touch, tap on Skype and choose "on" for "Sign in Automatically" and "on" for when Device is locked, "Stay Online". This will allow your Skype program to work, even after your Ipod touch locks itself (after 5 minutes). Try it at home to see what I'm talking about.
    Buy this microphone, because this is very good, small and cheap microphone with great sound!
    I love it!


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