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3.5mm male to female Customers Reviews

  • high-quality for a decent price

    posted by dezindzer

    The two separate cables can get handy. If you sometimes need a longer and sometimes a shorter cable, this one is for you.The build quality is great. Works with PC and a phone or any other device that supports the 3.5 mm jack.
    Sound is great, almost no difference to my gold plated cable.
    It works great and it works for the purpose that is supposed to !! You are getting what you are paying for ... It has a good build quality, and the sound is great ! ! !
  • Good quality for low price

    posted by jptje1972

    The overall quality is surprisingly good for this low price. Connectors are OK and there is hardly any signal loss.
    I am a radioamateur. I use this cable to connect my transceiver to a computer to transport the audio from my microphone to the transmitter. When combine with a couple of ferrite clamps, this cable does not pick up any RF at all. Even when transmitting with 200W
    I would definitely buy another cable like this if I needed one!
  • Very Good

    posted by WertTrew

    Works very well.
    Nice colour.
    Great price.
    Lasts for a long time.
    Stereo signal.
    Very useful (for recording keyboard/guitar/Nintendo DS sound straight to the computer microphone port). I'm sure you can think of more things to do with it.
    I bought two, thinking that there was only one per pack. I was surprised when I got four. Now I have plently of these things, and they were really cheap.
    They're cheap, and work very well. What more could you want?
  • Awesome ... Extender for your audio cable

    posted by badman1683

    bright color to see that you are using the extender. great quality. never better quality. doesn't look a cheap product and off course it great. It has a small size connectors which makes through my phone cover. I am very happy with this product.
    nice looking small utility to extend your headphone wire
    if you a looking to extend your headphone wires or any aux wire and dont want to spend much, this is the product for you.
  • So far So Good

    posted by xlordecstasyx

    It let me use my new sony headphones with integrated controls and mic on my old sony ericsson phone. So i dont need to buy an old pair of sony ericsson hands free or headset.It size is perfect, and it has no cable like the original sony cable.Decent Build quality
    So far so good, for the prince is what i was looking for.I recommend this for OMTP - CTIA conversion.This is a pic of what it does:http://www.simplecom.com.au/ebay/omtpvsctia.jpg
    Great deal. perfect price, really useful,

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