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3.5mm male retractable

You can find fashionable 3.5mm male retractable at a low price. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. We recommend 3.5mm male to, 3.5mm male rca as hot products. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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3.5mm male retractable Customers Reviews

  • Very useful at a low price

    posted by OmarBerm

    It is very practical and easy to use and helps you avoid entangled cables. Doesn´t need a lot of space to store it and is long enough to use it on the car or to connect your music device and place it on a table nearby.
    Easy to use, I use it every day and I have recommended it to other people.
    Its a very good device and a very reasonable price. Buy this one instead of struggling with a cable that will be getting entangled all the time
  • best for the price, leave it in the car, laoptop bag and any other place

    posted by Sethulhu

    the best thing you can get for your AUX needs in the car, home, work or anywhere. small and long cables at the same time. 2$ and you get everything you need to help you listen to music in your car.
    must have for any music lover who has AUX in his car, or needs to hook up his laptop to speakers or others
    must have if you need to have audio from your mp3 player hooked up to the AUX in the car
  • Good cable

    posted by peterkt

    Male-to-male. Hook up your speakers to basically every music playing gadget for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in basically any other country than China. Basically =)
    Buy this cable. It is another great bargain from deal extreme you should not pass up on.
    For the price of basically zero amount of money you have this great, retractable cable. Ready to use on a moments notice. Buy it.
  • Very good. I recommend.

    posted by zeresende

    About this product there is not much to say macho male is an extension, the quality of construction is very good we can even say excellent, the price also seems nice, can not compare with others because there was no more to see next. What I meant was that this product was very small and could increase when necessary, and this vereficou up, the coiled cable is quite small.
    I have no other point to note, I notice that I have some fear that by using more than 30-40cm cable will start rolling deixard and as happens now.
  • Good and portable

    posted by Caicond

    It's very portable, its retractable function worked well as expetected.The cable itself can be stored just aside the place you use, because it became so small and so useful.
    It's really useful, you can carry it on your pocket without damaging its function, so you don't lose sound quality on poor and worn cable, this one feels like can keep a lot of time on its back.
    Perfect for those who need an auxiliary cable at various places, you carry it everywhere in a safe ratractable way.

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