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3.5mm male male

If you want to purchase 3.5mm male male, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Customers can also browse to 3.5mm male plug or 3.5mm male male black to find their desired products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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3.5mm male male Customers Reviews

  • Simple use only

    posted by felipesore

    This cable does not have a studio quality but it is very good. To use in the car, or simple places is good! Has an audio quality acceptable that make no extra noise or interference so far. Easy to coil. The cable gets no memory easily.
    that is it!
    Good enough for the price you are paying. Take care of your cable and you will be fine.
  • Great product

    posted by adjkjaksld

    easy to use,great quality,nice looking,solid,no audio lose
    maybe it could be longer,but it's not a problem.price is a little bit expensive but when you think quality it can be ignore easily.
    shipment was fast,package was perfect.i've using it for 1 month and it has still good condition.definetly i recomend it.you can use skype and other voip programs with earphone under favour of that tiny cable.it's look simple but now when i'm talking with my girlfriend i'm not looking ridiculous with big headphone also i can hear myself so i'm not talking loud,i can talk with my iphone's earphone more simple and looks better
  • Sync Cable very useful.

    posted by ArOo38

    The cable is cheap, but not much, but compared with others is very economical. The quality is not so bad, but I found a little burr on the connector. The 2 connectors fit perfectly. I've used a Canon camera and a flash of another brand to synchronize, and it worked perfectly.
    The cable is very convenient for synchronizing a flash with cameras that have a 3.5mm plug, and they do not have PC sync.
  • Very cheap and modern wire!

    posted by chopetanovic

    It has an amazing feel! I bought it because my headphones' wire is no more than 20 cm so I needed an extension cable to listen the music properly. The wire is no more than 1mm thick, it measures about 1 meter and it has a beautiful red mate colour. It is very flexible and light. The 3'5mm Male and Female connections are strong and they have a shiny black colour. The jack plug is gold.
  • A simple cable

    posted by Throd

    Decent quality cable, reasonable thickness but still very flexible, good connectors. Using high-quality headphones, I couldn't detect any hiss or noise that was introduced by this cable.
    A simple cable for simple tasks. I bought it together with sku.302232 and sku.157338 to bring several sockets to my couch, so that everyone can connect his/her headphones.
    A good value. It accomplished what I wanted.

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