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3.5mm male male

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If you want to purchase 3.5mm male male, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Customers can also browse to 3.5mm male plug or 3.5mm male male black to find their desired products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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3.5mm male male Customers Reviews

  • Very good!

    posted by kalexh

    · Cheap· Lightweight· Compact· The quality of the sound remains good. Even if you stack them into eachother, all 10, and plug in the headphones. (I was impressed)
    · It does what it tells you it does, and it does that pretty good.
    · I don't think you should mind the cons, as they are not too much of a problem. Not for me at least.
  • stylish high quality cable

    posted by rudizr

    the cable looks amazing, I've never came across a flat 3.5mm male to male cable before. the color is stylish, good quality rubber material, the built quality is good too, the different parts look well connected. the cable works pretty good and it's long enough for a usual usage.
    when my galaxy s3 phone is in it's plastic case, the cable won't get in firmly because it is slightly bigger than the whole in the case, unlike the regular earphones 3.5 mm cable
    if you're looking for a stylish, high quality 3.5mm male to male cable then buy this
  • Handy adapter

    posted by Tau34RUS

    Excellent finishing, good design. Works very good. I was afraid of low quality because of price, but this adapter is pretty nice. I did not notice any noise or grain using it.
    I think that wire should be not so thin. Got two for experiments, will buy more later ;)Adapter looks like expensive thing, perfect build quality.
    I would recommend it for using with headphones, not for large speakers.Buy it, TOTALLY worth it.
  • Thankful for a good product.

    posted by HeyEww

    DX shipped my order even though it was just 1.70.It reached me in a few weeks. Although it was a long wait, it still worth it since I do not need it that urgently and most importantly, it was so cheap.Quality was pretty good and it was pretty. I bought the lime one and looks nice. Looks nice with my fiio amplifier. My fiio is black and this is white and lime. So they complement each other. The colour just matched. So cool.
    I believe this cool product will last. It looks well made.
    I will buy it again if it can last. If it does not last, I probably will not buy again. But I have purchased a lot of times from dx already and all the stuff havent broken down yet. So I believe that I will recommend to my friend if it lasts. If it lasts, i will tell my friend that it is good. And the shipping is free. Shipping without cost is enticing. It makes me want to buy or buy again. Worth the money and makes me want to review for dx. Thanks.
  • good item

    posted by maudapont

    it is a good product which a good length thing that helps a lot, because i can put the computer further from the television which makes it helpful and easier to access the computer.
    it is a good product that will help you a lot, of course, if it is necessary for you otherwise it will be useless.
    this product i recommend for anyone that needs it because this was the best item that a had bought for this utility.


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