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3.5mm male 2.5mm

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3.5mm male 2.5mm Customers Reviews


    posted by B3N4K

    - Really works- Good sound quality
    I use this one with my mobile phone. I have got 3 of these adapters:- nokia original shipped with mobile --> waggling, sometimes loosing contact, quality of sound was poor- another one original nokia (shipped with mobile of my sister) --> same problems- one shipped with some samsung phone --> same problemBut this is different. It perfetly fits into the 2.5mm hole, waggle just a little (no big deal) but doesn't loose contact. Sound is good - playing music at Nokia E51 with this adaptor and music quality is almost the same as thru computer (little bit quieter, different tone of bass (but i guess it is becouse of shitty equalizer of my mobile)). I use magnifier (Tesla AZS 223) and big stereo repro (with separated bass and treble repros; around 50W at max) and sound is very nice, good-to-listen.In czech republic (that's where i live) sells these for around $10, so this is awesome deal for me :-)I bought two of these and i don't regret it at all!
  • It works fine

    posted by Humraaz786

    Works well with old hands-free equipment. The headphone and mic connections work perfectly. Tried it on an iPad mini and a Samsung Galaxy S4 with an old hands-free equipment from Palm.
    The description of the product is accurate. Although, if the hang-off/hang-on button of the hands-free equipment had worked, it would have been great.
    On the whole, it fulfils it's purpose. I can use it with an old hands-free equipment, although to hang-off / hang-on the call, I have to do it on the phone itself.
  • Nice cable, Does what it's made for

    posted by roshga

    Well, it's a cable. as long as it works its good enough for me.
    the shape of it is really cool, when I need it to be longer it just stretches and then when im done using it, back to being compact.
    Nice solution for my car. Saves room and does what a cable suppose to do.
    I'd buy it again.
  • 2.5 to 3.5 mm Stereo adapter

    posted by ilantop

    Short cable for cheap price with a good quality. It allows you to connect 2.5 mm headset connector with devices with 3.5 mm female plug. The cable works good. It comes in a small plastic bag. I bought this cable to connect sku 109960 to my Nokia cellphone. Both products work fine with no problems. Connectors on both sides have good quality. The cable itself is flexible andgood too. Easy to use product.
    None. Good choicve in case you need an adapter with these specification.
    In case that you need a stereo adaptor from 2.5 female to 3.5 male and you do not want to have it in one big piece this short and flexible cable is the solution and for a good price. I use it everyday with no problems.
  • good good

    posted by jibber

    Well this little converter is used for my good nokia head phones it only reduces the volume a little bit but no stress its a great tool if you need it buy it :D
    well if you need it buy it no one will stop you ;D great for nokia headphones but if you dont wont you volume reduced by like a tiny bit then dont buy other wise :D:D:D:D buy buy buy

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