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3.5mm jack speakers Customers Reviews

  • Set Up Instructions for English

    posted by krs99

    Great product.
    I already reviewed the silver coloured one so I won't go into the same details again.
    Instructions are in English but the unit defaut language is Chinese.
    Took me a long time for the first one to set the default language to English - instructions to do that should come with the unit.
    But since they don't, here is the way to do this painlessly:
    Turn on the unit with the little switch in the back.
    Both of the ones I received had about half the charge left on the battery, so you don't really have to charge it at this time.
    Wait for the clock to display, then follow these steps:
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button 3 times
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button twice
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button once
    Push menu button once more
    The display should now be in English.
    Once set, it remembers the language even if you turn the unit off.
    Only MP# Speaker like that I found which will
    a. Allow one to chose the song to be played from a playlist, and
    b. Repeat playing that sond indefinitely if required (Une can also play all the songs in the playlist and can then repeat playing that list indefinitely, and
    c. will play with the 5 volt power adapter plugged in. Some units won't play while they are being charged.
  • Not so loud, but good quality sound

    posted by jvrberlin

    - Good quality sound- Really light and small- Micro SD compatible
    I had to go to Google translator in order to set the language to something different than Chinese. Other than that, the speaker is better than I expected. The materials feel great and solid and for now I'm not afraid the coating will fall apart. Sound is good, but not so loud unfortunately. No distortions so far, though.
    Exactly was I was looking for
  • A very powerfull and small one!

    posted by zeehroberto

    This is a very cool device to have if you want some nice and small (super portable) sound speaker.Very useful with ipod or cellphones, not enough for a party, but enough for some friends in your house.
    The battery life also is good, Eventually I use in the wall but the battery is good for leaving home with it in your pocket or something like this.
    Could not expect it to be better, I was really surprised when it came.Really worthy
  • very good product worth buying!

    posted by omergold

    -loud loud loouuuddd!
    -good bass sound make the sound deeper.
    -sound quality is high above others.
    -small and caryiable.
    -battery is very good.
    -design is really nice.
    -its weight gives it reliable feeling.
    its very good comparing to 50$ speakers available .
    the sound is loud and have real quality.
    the shape is well designed and color is great either.
  • Wow.. that loud!!

    posted by eeuwe

    - Really loud sound, and even at its loudest the sound still has a good quality- includes cable that works as FM-antenna
    When turned on for the first time its set in Chinese.. I figured it out in less then a minute to set it in English (probably was lucky). For people that where not so lucky:Press menu, go to settings(4), go to lanquage(3) and select English(2)
    Great product, could use some work on the firmware.. Price is about right, really if you compare it to some similar products in store, then its not that expensive. Overall i'm really glad i bought this product!


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